Creating a crowdfunding video is one of the most important components of a crowdfunding campaign.  

Videos are a great way to engage with an audience and to clearly and creatively convey the message of your campaign. According to Indiegogo, campaigns with a video “raise 4 times more funds than campaigns without one.” 

But not any video will do. Check out the following six tips for a crowdfunding video to influence and inspire supporters.

#1 Plan

Before anything, you need to plan for your video. Create an outline and a storyboard, and make sure your message flows well. Deliver information in a creative and organized way.

#2: Tell your story

People like to hear stories and to be part of a story. Tell yours in the best way you can to engage supporters. The most successful crowdfunding campaigns have great stories. Talk about how this campaign came to be, and what you aspire to do or create. 

#3: Keep it under two minutes 

The longer the video, the less likely people are to watch all the way through. And remember: the first 30 seconds are the most important. So if you don’t develop a good hook, the video completion rate may be lower.  

For your video to be within the 2-minute range, be direct, concise, and clear. 

#4: Establish a sense of trust for your audience

Talk about yourself and your team, and organization if you’re working under one. Share your track record with potential supporters, and talk about what you’ve accomplished. 

Most importantly, be yourself, be genuine, and be authentic. Trust is very important when it comes to crowdfunding campaigns. When people support campaigns, they want to know that their money is going to a trusted and legitimate project – so make sure you are one and make sure potential supporters know that.  

#5: Address how your project/product provides a solution to a problem

This is really important. 

Talk about what’s missing in your community, and how your product/project is helping solve a problem, and why you expect it to work. Again, your video should convey the above to motivate supporters to donate to your campaign. 

#6: Inspire

When someone watches your crowdfunding video, they should feel inspired by your story and what you plan to do. And equally as important is leaving your audience with a call to action (CTA) – do you want people to share, donate, contribute, support?

What are some good examples of crowdfunding videos?

Check out Mohammed Khatib’s campaign video here. The video tells a story, talks about a dream, and why that dream is important. Mohammed addresses the problem, and how he rises to challenge all obstacles. The video ends with Mohammed talking to the camera directly, and calling for help – clear CTA.

Your video can also be as simple as MECA’s campaign video to help bring medical aid to Gaza. Check it out here. It’s very direct. It explains the problem, the proposed solution, and where the donations will be allocated, and ends with a clear CTA.

The takeaway…

You don’t need to hire a professional videographer, nor do you need to rent high-tech equipment to create your video. Just make sure to optimize the use of the resources you do have. 

A crowdfunding video is part of your overall effective communication strategy. The viewer should have a clear idea of what your project is, so they can take the right action. Finally, ask for feedback, share the video with a few people, and fix accordingly. 

Check out BuildPalestine’s video to learn 10 other great tips for a successful crowdfunding video.