Palestinians and allies are always looking for ways to give back to Palestine, especially in times like Ramadan. While financial donations are not the only way to support, it is still a powerful tool to empower local efforts that uplift the lives of Palestinians. 

However, donating to organizations in Palestine can be challenging due to the lack of online payment processors like PayPal and Stripe, and small and medium organizations often have limited experience in digital fundraising. Nevertheless, there are still ways to support impactful organizations and make a lasting difference in the lives of Palestinians.

Here are some tips to maximize the impact of your donations to organizations in Palestine: 

  1. Diversify your giving

While humanitarian aid is crucial, it is important to diversify your giving to include development projects that promote self-sufficiency and resilience in areas such as education, agriculture, and job creation. This helps create lasting change and empowers communities. So, in addition to donating food packages, you can also buy desks for students in Jerusalem, sponsor a student in a Palestinian university, or donate equipment to a hospital in Gaza.

  1. Familiarize yourself with impactful organizations in Palestine

Take time to research and find local organizations doing impactful work. While most of these organizations may not have donation pages, reaching out to them directly and asking how to donate can make a big difference. You can also check out our resources for trusted organizations to support [add link here].

  1. Support social enterprises

A social enterprise is a business that is created to solve a social or environmental challenge in Palestine. These businesses are revenue-generating and socially impactful at the same time. Although social enterprises need time and support to achieve financial sustainability in Palestine, once they do, they can scale their impact and create more jobs in Palestine without relying heavily on international aid. You can view examples of social enterprises in Palestine that you can donate to or invest in on our website [add link here], and we can facilitate a connection if needed.

  1. Donate cash 

If you are in Palestine, consider visiting impactful organizations in the area and contributing directly. This helps cut out intermediaries and ensures that your donation goes directly to the cause.

  1. Make your donation recurring

Committing to regular donations can help organizations plan and budget more effectively and provide a stable source of support. This can make a big difference in helping organizations achieve their long-term goals.

  1. Follow up after your donation

Sometimes, organizations may not have the capacity to send updates, so reaching out and asking for updates can help ensure that your donation is being used effectively, and can help organizations set up mechanisms to send feedback regularly.

  1. Spread the word in your network

Share your giving on social media or email friends about impactful opportunities to support organizations in Palestine because people tend to support causes trusted by their peers. Even if you can’t donate, spreading the word can also make a big impact for a local organization.

  1. Consider non-monetary ways to support

Money is not the only way to support charities and maximize your impact. Volunteering your time, skills, or expertise can also make a significant difference. For example, if you have expertise in digital fundraising, pick an organization and help them set up their website, donation page, and interactions with the donors. You can find volunteering opportunities with organizations and social enterprises in Palestine on our website [add link here].

With these tips, you have the power to make a lasting impact through your donations to organizations in Palestine. To take action, we have complied two lists for organizations to donate to, and Palestinians social shops to buy from. 

Palestinian organizations to support:

The following entities are trusted Palestinian organizations in various cities. Donate to help these organization sustain and scale their impact:

Birzeit University Students
  • Palestinian Social Fund

The Palestinian Social Fund aims to financially support Palestinian cooperative farms. The PSF is a way to raise money for farming cooperatives as “there can be no liberation without sovereignty over our daily bread.” You can contribute to the Fund from here.

  • Birzeit University 

By providing scholarships for undergraduate students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds who demonstrate academic excellence, Birzeit University is working to make quality education accessible for everyone. Your support can help us continue this mission. Support from here.

  • Tanweer Center 

Tanweer Center for Children in Beit Ummar – Hebron is planning to conduct an educational summer camp for children to learn about biodiversity, recycling, and Palestinian nature. These extra-curricular activities have a long-lasting impact on children that have not been receiving proper education due to Covid19 pandemic, and the ongoing teachers’ strike that has been happening for months now. Support their crowdfunding campaign from here

  • Al-Karamah Center

Al-Karamah Center is raising $15,000 to provide treatment and equipment, including artificial limbs and air mattresses, for 50 children with disabilities in the Al Jalazoun Refugee camp. Your donation can make a difference in the lives of these children who are currently being deprived of their right to proper medical care and play. Donate to their crowdfunding campaign from here.

  • Raseel Organization

The Autistic Children Fund was established to provide ongoing support for children in Palestine who cannot afford the necessary treatment and rehabilitation sessions for autism. As autism is not classified as a disease in Palestine, health insurance does not cover the costs. This fund provides 1000 sessions per year to help these children receive the care they need. Support the fund from here.

  • Inash Al-Usra Association

The Inash Al Usra Women and Orphan Relief Campaign is seeking donations to complete the renovations on the Girl’s house at Inash Al Usra. The house requires a new electrical panel, which comes with a cost of $14,850 USD. Donate to their crowdfunding campaign from here.

  • Atfaluna 

Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children is a Palestinian NGO in Gaza City that has been providing education and services to people with hearing disabilities since 1992. They offer a range of programs, including education, audiology, speech therapy, income generation, and vocational training, among others, benefiting thousands of individuals and families annually. You can donate from here.

  • Middle East Children Alliance 

MECA is dedicated to improving the lives of children in the Middle East through aid, empowerment, and education. They provide humanitarian aid and support local community organizations to run projects for children. Additionally, MECA supports income-generation projects and raises awareness internationally to encourage meaningful action for the region’s children. Donate from here

  • Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center (JLAC) 

For over 40 years, the Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center (JLAC) has provided legal aid to vulnerable communities, fighting against human rights violations. JLAC handles pro-bono cases on issues like house demolition, forced displacement, land confiscation, and settler violence. Without JLAC’s services, victims would face high private sector fees, causing them to forfeit their claims. JLAC also engages in public interest cases, legal reform, community awareness, and advocacy. Donate from here.

Palestinian shops to support:

The following stores are ethical and sustainable projects. Shop while making a difference in Palestine:  

Photo taken by: Yasmeen Mjalli
  • Talleh

Talleh Cultural Center produces traditional handicrafts like olive wood carvings, basketry, pottery, loom weaving, and embroidery. They provide training for women on various traditional crafts and aim to preserve Palestinian heritage, empower women through skill development, and create economic opportunities. To support their mission, buy their products from here.

  • Handmade Palestine

Handmade in Palestine collaborates with 32 skilled Palestinian designers, artisans, and cooperatives to create exceptional handmade Palestinian crafts. The majority of these artisans are women who often bear the sole responsibility of supporting their families. By purchasing from Handmade Palestine, you can help support the livelihoods of these families in Palestine. Shop at Handmade Palestine to find unique and beautiful handmade crafts.

  • Shop Palestine

Shop Palestine is a non-profit organization that sources products from Fair Trade Organizations, cooperatives, non-profit groups, and small family businesses. Sales proceeds fund MECA’s efforts to support Palestinian children while helping to sustain traditional crafts and local artisans. To support the cause and find beautiful Palestinian products, visit Shop Palestine.

  • Nöl Collective

Nol Collective is a Palestinian clothing brand that prioritizes ethical practices and local production. Their designs are inspired by the rich Palestinian and Levantine heritage and highlight the legacy of intentionally made and sustainable garments. They partner with women’s cooperatives, family-run sewing workshops, and artisans to keep the production process hyper-local. Shop at Nöl Collective to find unique and sustainable Palestinian clothing.

  • Sunbula

Sunbula is dedicated to advancing the economic empowerment and rights of Palestinian women. They sell exceptional Palestinian handicrafts while directly supporting numerous women and their families through income-generation and development initiatives. By shopping at Sunbula, you can help support the economic empowerment of Palestinian women. Visit Sunbula’s website to learn more and purchase their products.

  • Canaan

Canaan offers a range of products including olive oil, grains, and spices, alongside other specialties. The company collaborates with over 1,000 artisan family farms situated in 43 distinct villages. Canaan prioritizes ecological sustainability, as they believe that food security, economic prosperity, and cultural integrity are all dependent on the well-being of our natural environment. Shop here.

  • Nabali Fairkost 

Nabali Fairkost offers Palestinian culinary food from economically disadvantaged regions including Palestine. All their products are free from chemical additives, fair trade, and enrichment for the kitchen. Shop here.

  • Meera Adnan 

Meera Adnan is a Palestinian contemporary clothing and accessories label from Gaza City. Their work focuses on reclaiming narrative and is influenced by religious, political, and local references that create a romantic and nostalgic visual monologue. Shop their designs from here.

  • Mai Zarkawi

Mai Zarkawi’s jewelry work is inspired by the daily life details, culture, traditions, people, and stories about Palestine, she is trying to bring the hidden beauty and stories of Palestinian women first, about childhood and stories we heard from our grandfathers and grandmothers, their values in life, the traditions, food, songs and our language. Buy their Jewellery here.

We’re thrilled that you stopped by our blog post on maximizing the impact of your giving to Palestine! We’ve curated a list of trusted organizations to support and handpicked some social enterprises that you can donate to or shop from. Our ultimate mission is to bring donors and impactful organizations in Palestine together, igniting sustainable change and making a real difference. If you’re curious about anything or need more recommendations, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at [email protected] . Let’s join hands to create a better future for Palestine!

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🗓️ October 7th and 8th

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How has financing been wielded as a tool to colonize civil society, and what lessons can we learn from other countries in the Global Majority? What traditional indigenous practices for community support might be renewed and reconstituted toward building a sustainable funding mechanism for Palestine?
This year’s BuildPalestine Summit will be a virtual and in-person event, combining engaging virtual discussions with interactive in-person gatherings in Ramallah and Washington D.C.