LARP in Palestine: let’s challenge the reality with fiction

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Bait Byout
West Bank Palestine

LARP in Palestine: let’s challenge the reality with fiction

Over the past 6 years, a group of volunteers have been coming together to build a Larp community in Palestine with support from Nordic Larpers. “Birth of Larp in the Arab World” is a book summarizing our projects both in Arabic and English.

Using Larp, We played many stories: Finland was occupied (check out Halat Hisar). Hundred of kids were pretending to be animals, and fighting oppressive lions with magical water balloons. A wedding between a Palestinian girl and a Norwegian man (see here). A man was killed by his sister because he had a relationship with another girl. Children with superhero’s powers are attending a boarding school. A tribe that lived in Jericho 3,000 years ago and used dancing battles as a mean to solve conflicts. And many other stories…

Learn more about us in this feature in This Week in Palestine here.


Larp 2

Halat Hisar 2013. Photo Credit: Tuomas Puikkonen

Larp is a tool for participatory storytelling that allows us to be whatever we want. We believe in using Larp as an effective tool to promote dialogue and participatory art.

Our Larp community took the decision to institutionalize itself in a non-profit organization called Bait Byout. Bait Byout is the Arabic name for the role-playing kids play pretending to be adults. Bait Byout aims at contributing to a free society through creating positive impact in the lives of individuals using creative and critical tools within an entertaining, loving and safe space for everyone.



Jericho tribes LARP 2014. Photo Credit: Riad Mustafa

However, while working as a group of volunteers, we made lots of mistakes due to the lack of structures, limited outreach, unclear processes and weak knowledge transfer. We also lacked a strategy to increase the impact of Larp on the community.

This led us to decide that we need a formal organization with a clear structure, policies, and strategy that would maximize the impact of Larp here in Palestine. We want to better engage schools and universities, and introduce the practices of Larp in the region; so that more people can use it to tell their story. 

Learn more from Riad Walid Mustafa: Promoting Larp in New Places.



Photo was taken from “Birth of Larp in the Arab world” Cover. Designed by: Omar Al Sayed

Money raised in our crowdfunding campaign will allow us to cover startup costs for Bait Byout organization through 2017-2018 (includes: Monthly larp runs, trainings on Larp writing and organizing, an online Arabic Larp resource , Educational Larp festival, Office rent and a Salary).


Meet the Team



My name is Mohamad Rabah. Bait Byout is a dream for us. I have been involved in Larp projects since 2011.  I have a Master’s degree in Community and Youth work from the UK. The Board of Directors appointed me to be the director of Bait Byout. I believe your support will help me to do my job and make Bait Byout grow. 



My name is Loai Misleh. I started playing Larp 6 years ago.  I believe Larp is great tool for alternative education and to spread the positive vibes in a challenging reality. I am volunteering as full time employee at Bait Byout since 3 months, and we need your support to continue.












I am Assalah Zagha, I have been larping since two years and I decided to join the board of directors of Bait Byout. I dream of using larp in educational institutions in Palestine and the Arab world.









My name is Zeid Khalil, I am a an active member in the Larp community in Palestine since 2011, and currently Bait Byout’s board treasurer. Your support will help us achieve our goals faster, easier, and help bridge the broken gap between different parts of the globe.















Hi I’m Dalia, a member of Bait Byout board of directors. I believe that with the great capacity in Bait Byout, we will reach a huge community of larp in the Middle East and at the same time connect with the larger community worldwide. Better yet and with your support, we will be able to spread our wings faster and stronger.










My name is Riham Kharroub and I am a member of Beit Byout Board of Directors. Larp is  an unconventional and amazing tool for entertainment and learning. Bait Byout is a voluntary based organization, but to keep it running and operational, we need to cover it basic financial needs. Please help us grow!  












I’m Alhareth Abu Mufereh, I’m a larper since 5 years. I’m the deputy chairperson at Bait Byout board of directors. We have the team spirit combined with passion that are necessary to found a successful organization. We kindly ask your support to our organization to achieve its goals.









Amer picture



I’m Amer Kurdi. The  Chairperson of Bait Byout board’s of Director. After 6 long years full of dedication and hard work, we have been able as a community to create the first non-profit organisation with the sole purpose of using Larp. We need your help to support our organization and start achieving our goals.














I’m Mohammed Jalloud. I’m one of the members at Bait Byout Board’s of Directors. I’m the problems solver in the larp community when we organize larps and projects. Your support will help us to create more larp activities and more work for me in the community. So please don’t do that.













I’m Sari Irshid. I find the vast majority of my generation rarely putting any effort to know who they really are. Being able to spontaneously act and react is a rich skill, one that I acquired through Larping. It is such an underrated aspect of one’s ability to understand what they really represent. An organization that provides space for such activities is a must everywhere! And Palestine deserves it.






Bait Byout logo

Bait Byout logo



Till death do us part (2012)


Janan Adawi, Ane Marie Anderson, Faris Arouri, Vilde Herning, Fatima Abdul Karim, Trine Lise Lindahl, Victoria Lofstad, Martin Nielsen, Mohamad Rabah, Shadi Sader, Shadi Zatara


Video Credit: Petter Karlsson

Photos Credit: Li Xin


The tribes (2013-2016)


Janan Adawi, Sari Abdo, Majd Hamouri, Mohamad Rabah, Shadi Sader, Shadi Zatara, Tamara Nasar, Amer Kurdi, Loai Misleh.


Killed in the name of honor


Riham Kharroub, Urieb Samad, Bisan Samareh


Superheroes world (2013)

Norway/Palestine/Czech Republic/Sweden/Belarus/Denmark

Emma Edlund, Aleksandra Franskevich, Emma Greve, Maria Kolseth Jensen, Mohammad Rabah, Anastasia Sinitsyna


Halat Hisar (2013-2016)


Faris Arouri, Kaisa Kangas, Fatima Abdul Karim, Riad Mustafa, Juhana Pettersson, Maria Pettersson, Mohamad Rabah


Halat Hisar photo’s credit in the Video: Tuomas Puikkonen


Video Editor: Faid AbuNe’meh


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