Nasser Al Amuri

Project Finance and Investment Officer – Finance 4 Jobs (F4J) Project

“Job creation and workforce development”


Panel: Job creation and workforce development

The international community has lauded startup development as a tool for job creation and economic growth – when and how does investment in the startup ecosystem lead to job creation and economic growth? Likewise, international and local investment in job preparedness via relevant and timely education is considered key to ensuring upward mobility and employment access.

What has succeeded? What is still lacking? In this panel, we will explore the science behind the strategies, learn about grassroots & international initiatives that have moved forward over the past 5 years, and what gaps still exist and methods we should employ to ensure growth and resiliency – particularly in this COVID19 moment.

Nasser Al Amuri's Bio

Nasser has been providing the cutting-edge perspectives in impact investments, SME Development, and Entrepreneurship, and has worked in bringing renewable energy projects to life; promoting structural strategic investments for the national economic sustainable development and entrepreneurship; and, assisting NGOs to deliver better projects for vulnerable groups, focusing on women and youth economic empowerment.

Currently, his work consists of establishing corporate investment partnerships to bring together the resources of companies, international development agencies, and investors, efficiently coordinating investments of capital and capabilities, such as talent, expertise, and local knowledge, to address business, social, and environmental challenges.

In 2019, the F4J Project Team, in which Nasser is the Lead Finance and Investment Officer, was awarded the World Bank Group’s Presidential Award for Excellence, recognizing the F4J Team in delivering results toward the World Bank Group’s mission and objectives, demonstrating strong collaboration among WBG, and exhibiting characteristics of exceptional leadership. Also, in 2019, Nasser was awarded the prize for the Social & Economic Development Investment Officer of the Year 2018 by the Wealth & Finance International. This prize recognizes his involvement and leadership in the complex investment transactions that require the management of numerous players in interdependent relationships.

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