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“What I like most about BuildPalestine is that it is a youth-led initiative…the mission is in its name. BuildPalestine is creating a community for people who simply want to help and hear about each other’s work.



“Working with BuildPalestine was a fantastic experience. First of all, it is a local, Palestinian initiative. Second, we received intimate support with constructive, and useful advice.” 


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Naviatx: a Palestinian Startup Helping Drivers Get Home Safely

Traffic accidents are as much of an issue in Palestine as they are elsewhere around the world. According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, there were over 8,600 casualties in road traffic accidents in 2020, 110 of which were fatal. Meanwhile, traffic safety studies remain limited in the country. In comes Naviatx

Naviatx is the first application in Palestine to measure and reflect telematics data. They work to reduce the number of accidents, as well as give drivers a better understanding of their practices. Their innovative technology also serves to provide calculated risk scores to insurance companies to reflect policy holders’ driving risk and behavior on the road.

We sat down with Hamzeh Ghosheh, founder of Naviatx, to talk about his journey developing and launching the Jerusalem-based startup. Hamzeh’s work began when he left years of NGO work to pursue his passion.  Hamzeh  started  to understand the great purpose he has in life as a human and took an oath on himself to direct  his energy towards  impacting his community.

Hamzeh believes that his startup can be highly effective in reducing road deaths and injuries worldwide. His team is  determined to address the challenge by keeping safety a top priority. They even set up a goal to reduce the number of road accidents by 10% in 2022 .

What will future road safety look like in 5 years with “Maslak”?

Maslak’s vision is to help create an accident-free Palestine where everybody gets back home to their loved ones safely. The application’s goal is to reduce potential effects of dangerous driving, and preserve the lives of drivers and road users. As a result, drivers will be able to build a driving profile that motivates them to negotiate with insurance companies on insurance prices.

In a conversation with Hamzeh, he shared the difficulties his team faced as young professionals launching  their startup. The team did not fully know  where to start, how to figure out business models, and whether they would be able to entice potential customers to use their app. On the other hand, they started to think more as a startup. By reaching out to some professors, networking and  building relationships with variety of social enterprises programs, 

Naviatx are now expanding and growing, as they became part of our BuildPalestine fellowship program, which is designed for social enterprises committed to solving Palestine’s most pressing challenges. Our role is to connect fellows with the expertise, resources, and funds needed to maximize their impact.

How down BuidPalestine fellowship helped Naviatx grow?

This fellowship has been a great resource and an enriching environment where he gained access to a variety of people who are passionate in making an impact

Hamzeh Ghosheh

The program provides weekly check-ins and monthly training sessions, and coordinate shadowing opportunities for skill building and mentorship. Fellows have the opportunity to learn from a professional community of expert organizers focused on social entrepreneurship, business modeling,  financial planning, and storytelling, In addition to matching skilled volunteers with fellows from BuildPalestine network.

To know more about BuildPalestine fellowship program, Click here

Who’s Hamzeh Ghosheh?

Hamzeh holds a master’s degree in business administration. He’s also a specialist in financial sciences, a fan of stuffed carrot stew, and a record holder in Guinness magazine for the longest distance traveled on a scooter in 24 hours (2,624 km)!

Learn more about Navaitx:

The sieged free space; meet 28 Magazine from Gaza

From growing up in an isolated community, to being the founder of the cultural 28 Magazine; this is the story of our inspiring fellow: Mahmoud Al Shaer.

In 2013, Mahmoud founded 28 Magazine with a group of young Palestinian writers from Gaza and abroad. 28 Magazine is an Arabic language literary and cultural magazine which addresses different cultural discourse.

The titled number 28 refers to the number of letters in the Arabic language. Through this title, the magazine aspires to form a cultural base that participates in the knowledge-building of young writers and creators, and sponsors their creative projects.

Other than publishing printed and online magazines every once in a while, They created a creative Safe Space in 28 Magazine, that has a deeper benefit. It offers opportunities for creators, young artists and writers to present their literary and creative work and interact with the Palestinian and larger Arab society through a series of events that include literary evenings, panel discussions, art exhibitions, concerts, and film screenings, organized by the 28 Magazine team in cooperation with variety of cultural communities in Gaza.

28 Magazine creates a safe place for people by listening and holding difficult conversations, allowing them to share their experiences in a place of empathy and compassion, allowing complex emotions that might normally remain hidden, to surface.

In a conversation with Mohammad, he shared the difficulties 28 magazine has faced, and continues to face during their journey, from restrictions and challenges in financing to the specter of war that haunts them all the time. At the same time, 28 Magazine is opening the window of hope for it’s community and for others in Gaza.

28 Magazine became home for individuals, friends, family, groups and institutions. It allows intellectuals, writers, artists and those interested in reading and culture to build collective and individual awareness through dialogue, exchange of ideas and discussion. This place is growing each day with the experiences stored in its memory.

About the founder Mahmoud Al Shaer

Born in Rafah, southern Palestine in 1990, He is a writer and cultural active executive director of 28 magazine. Studied accounting at the University College of Applied and Vocational Sciences.
He published a joint collection of poetry entitled ‘White Space’, and worked with many local and international institutions to enable artistic and creative practices within Palestine.

Give 28 Magazine a visit!

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Bank of Palestine Group and BuildPalestine sign a Strategic Partnership agreement

Bank of Palestine Group and BuildPalestine sign a Strategic Partnership agreement

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The Palestinian Health Sector: Realities and Challenges

The Palestinian Health Sector: Realities and Challenges

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