A liberated palestine will be built by Palestinian changemakers

Our mission is to empower Palestinian changemakers

& mobilize a global community for impact


Social Innovation? 

Palestine has one of the highest aid-per-capita in the world, but this aid has done more harm than good.

Social innovation is an alternative that empowers people to respond to the needs of their community in a more agile and resourceful way.

We believe in social innovation as a tool for liberation.

BuildPalestine Fellowship

There are inspiring Palestinians tackling some of our community's most pressing challenges.

Each year we receive over 150 applications for our fellowship program and select the top 8-10 teams to join our fellowship program.

Over time, these people become our family. And we are fully committed to their success, mobilizing our community however we can to amplify their impact.

Meet Our Fellows



BuildPalestine started as a crowdfunding platform for social impact projects in Palestine. Due to financial restrictions, we were forced to stop processing payments, but continued to coach local organizations to run crowdfunding campaigns on other platforms.

Over time, we realized that this way of working with local organizations was more empowering, as it allowed them to find solutions that were not dependent on us. Crowdfunding continues to be a powerful tool. Learn more about the campaigns we have supported here.

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Reclaiming Funding” For The People Of Gaza

Reclaiming Funding” For The People Of Gaza

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