Build Physical Infrastructure for Jahalin Community Center

This campaign has ended on 30-06-2018

Campaign by: Al Bustan Community Center  

Campaign Summary

We are fundraising for the physical infrastructure for Al Jahalin community center. This center is the only place for kids in the area to play and learn after school. 


Our community in Area C lacks utilities, proper public education, and no opportunity for entertainment, with no accountability by the Israeli government. The eviction of Jahalin destroyed the fabric of the society and the role of mothers in the family and greater community.There is a high rate of unemployment, especially among educated women.

Currently, we have no place to hold equipment or to provide a comfortable shelter for the children. There is no heating in the winter or cooling in the summer, as well as a lack of electricity.


We dream of hosting activities without constant interruption by seasonal weather. With a new building, we can expand our offerings to include women and youth, in addition to the +40 children that attend weekly. We have recently begun vocational classes for 12 Jahalin women in sewing and embroidery to sustain themselves. The funds will cover the expenses of a foundation of space around 100 square meters.


About Taghyeer Organization

Al Bustan Community center is led by Ibtisam Ibrahim, a social entrepreneur from Bedouin Jahalin tribe in the West Bank. Al Jahalin area. Al Bustan Community center is the only place where kids can play and learn after school by international and local volunteers.

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