Help Children with Autism in Palestine Return to Treatment and Rehabilitation

This Campaign ended on 01-06-2020

Campaign by: Raseel Association

Campaign Summary

Your support will be providing 350 sessions for 18 child during a two month period. If funding expands, other children can be targeted, or the number of months may increase

The Problem

The lock-down caused by the COVID-19 outbreak in Palestine has left most of our society’s segments vulnerable. One of the most affected groups is the thousands of people with special needs who can no longer receive treatment at rehabilitation centers, causing them to lose many of the skills that they have gained during the last year. This very same issue is happening at Raseel, where we haven’t been able to provide sensory rehabilitation to the 18 children we treat.

Because our work with children highly depends on the continuity of education and therapeutic rehabilitation, we want to work to provide continuous communication between the crew and the families to follow up on the cases, according to the treatment plan for the past month.



To tackle current conditions, we initiated a distance-rehabilitation program with parents of children with autism and learning difficulties. We also worked to provide continuous communication between our crew and the families to follow up on the cases. It is mainly based on the rehabilitation of mothers to train their children and raise family awareness of how to accommodate the needs of the affected child.

According to the professional responsibility of these children with autism and learning difficulties, there was an incentive to provide the service without interruption, because we knew that the prolonged interruption of treatment causes the complete collapse of the child and his treatment, and brings them back to the starting point.

About Raseel Association

Raseel is a Palestinian charity association that exists for the cause of helping children diagnosed with autism in the west bank. We are a center of excellence having highly trained professionals to provide accredited programs to support individuals with Autism and their families, to be an internationally recognized Autism consultancy center for the region.


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