Help Us Equip Our Speech & Learning Difficulty Centre at Al Amari Camp

Campaign by: PSCD

Campaign Summary

We need funding to recruit a professional speech and learning difficulties teacher and purchase supplies and equipment to assist approximately 200 of our most vulnerable children and adults. These critical services will give our most vulnerable and challenged individuals a chance to participate in society. We believe that this project will inspire the wider community in Al Amaari camp in Palestine, setting the example of caring for the most challenged people in order for the whole community to prosper. 

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The Problem

In Al-Amari camp alone, there are over 200 individuals suffering from learning difficulties, some with additional physical disabilities. This presents extreme challenges to these individuals to participate in society, who are already marginalized refugees isolated from their homeland. Finding alternative free therapy and education services outside the camp is costly and difficult for our community.

In recent times, the capabilities of the PSCD has become even more precarious since funding from the Palestinian Authority has been reduced. This presents additional risk to our ability to help individuals in our community.



The ‘Speech and Learning Difficulty Centre’ will target its education services to the personal development of approximately 200 people with speech and learning difficulties. As well as direct (face-to-face) education services to individuals. Another focus of the project is to support parents and guardians to continue the methods taught in the center at home. This wholehearted approach will create efficiencies by enabling families to implement methods taught in face-to-face sessions. The new ‘Speech Therapy and Learning Difficulties Centre’ will complement the other school and health services contained within the current main building of the PSCD. Co-locating this centre in the camp itself would allow those in need to have equal access to care, and to continue treatment long term.

About The Palestinian Society for Care and Development

The Palestinian Society for Care and Development (PSCD) was established in 1998 in Al- Amari Camp and has taken on the responsibility of supporting vulnerable residents of the camp and sustaining the health and wellbeing of individuals.


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