PaliSocks by Habibi Worldwide

This campaign has ended on 30-05-2019

Campaign by: Habibi WorldWide  

Campaign Summary

Habibi WorldWide is launching two new Palestinian socks patterns in addition in addition to the black and red kuffiyeh socks. The new patterns are the Hebron pottery and olives patterns. 10% of the campaign profit will go to support the entrepreneurship sector in Palestine. 

What’s the story behind Habibi Worldwide?


Nowadays more than ever, socks have become an item of fashion expression.

We love the patterns of Palestine, and the broader Arab world, and think that high-quality, long-lasting socks are a perfect fit (pun intended) to spread these patterns worldwide. They bring a bold statement of Palestinian artistry and entrepreneurship to the communities across the world.

As far as we know, we are the first brand to put Palestinian designs & patterns on socks. 

How does my support of Habibi Worldwide help Palestinians?

When you slip these socks on your feet, be confident that they’ve had a positive impact in Palestine, and for Palestinians up and down our supply chain, all the way through to how we make use of our profits.

Designs and digital marketing are handled by freelancers and small businesses in Palestine, supporting the growth of the digital economy. 

Profits will be reinvested into sourcing and promoting new designs. 10% of profits will also be allocated for donation to specific projects that support entrepreneurship in Palestine, starting with the expansion of the uMake co-working space in Ramallah.


About Habibi WorldWide

Habibi Worldwide is a small brand, founded in 2018 that aims to achieve the big goal of introducing international designs into the American market and use the proceeds to support entrepreneurs worldwide.  

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I can say with confidence that working with Build Palestine had the desired effect. They connected us with our first Palestinian designer, Mahran, who produced two more sock designs, as well as our logo. Meanwhile, the Build team took my amorphous ideas around “supporting Palestinian entrepreneurship” refined them into concrete actions. 

Hani Azzam

Founder and CEO, Habibi WorldWide