Support Raya to earn her MA at Sussex University – Recollecting the dream

 This campaign has ended on 13-09-2018

Campaign by: Raya Ziad 

Campaign Summary

Support Raya’s dream to pursue my higher education in the #1 Development program in the world at Sussex University, UK. 


My Dream



I, Raya, a Palestinian female from Jerusalem, have a dream to pursue my higher education in the #1 Development program in the world at Sussex University, and I ask for your help to make my dream come true. As I feel personally responsible to building and empowering a generation of Palestinian youth that wants to and can bring about change in our community, I choose this program because it provides me with a fresh perspective and voice to lead change. I promise I will pay it forward!


My Story


I’m a young Palestinian woman with great passion for social change and community development. I earned my undergraduate degree in Computer Science at Birzeit University, and I have been working with Palestinian youth since graduation. In addition to work, I do a lot of voluntary work with other young Palestinians who are keen for change. With all the hardships we go through as Palestinians, this is what gives me hope for a better future.


“I aspire to create a better future for Palestinian youth, this is why I want to continue my education in Development Studies”


I give training for youth and children in computer literacy, Information Communication Technology, Leadership, and Employability skills. I trained and coached round 800 youth, who are now successful in their universities or got great jobs, and supporting their families and affecting the community positively. I believe in the impact of the extra-curricular activities and trainings, as it gives confidence, self-esteem, creativity, knowledge and the energy to make changes in the society.


Why supporting me?


For the past four years, I have been trying relentlessly to secure an MA offer and a scholarship to do my master’s degree in the UK. I have applied for several universities, and I have been accepted by most of them, especially, the University of Sussex, the number 1 ranked in Development in the world. However, unfortunately, I have not been successful to secure the full expenses.


I did not despair and I still want to chase my dreams and not let the financial situation stop me. I believe in what people and the community can do, to support my education, as a person who supports other youth in Palestine.

After working for six years and helping my younger siblings to pursue their school and university education, I am now able to save some money for myself. I am capable of paying half the expenses for my education, and still need your help and support to make this happen.


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