BuildPalestine 2023 SUMMIT SPEAKER

Besan Abu-Joudeh

Co-Founder and Board Chair @BuildPalestine, BuildPalestine


Besan Abu-Joudeh's Bio

Besan is Co-Founder and Board Chair at BuildPalestine, a global community for social innovation in Palestine. She has a background in economic development and is passionate about creating equal opportunity around the world. Besan graduated from the Huntsman Program at the University of Pennsylvania and completed an MSc. in Development Economics at SOAS. She has 10+ years of experience as a management consultant, economic researcher, and social entrepreneur. Today, she is a Social Impact Coach and enjoys helping people create what they are being called to create in the world. Besan lives outside of Washington D.C. and enjoys finding cool playgrounds to take her 3 year old daughter.