BuildPalestine 2022 SUMMIT SPEAKER

Bisan Owda

Master Trainer – Content creator – Youth activist, I have a Full-time job at Youth Innovation Hub – Youth without borders, and I work as a freelancer content creator at Tellers\ الرواة Platform


Bisan Owda's Bio

Bisan is a trainer, digital content creator and a youth activist from Gaza,
she has finished her Bachelor’s in Business administration
Her interest in digital advocacy prompted her to receive intensive trainings in gender, GBV, mobilization and advocacy, then, training other groups, either voluntarily or organized in partnerships with human rights, youth and feminist institutions.
Bisan also contributes, through digital content through social media platforms, to changing stereotypes about women and pushing for positive societal change and telling real stories about her community.
Bisan aspires to be a decision-maker in her community and help in shaping societal awareness and building a generation of young people capable to claiming their rights and build our country.