BuildPalestine 2023 SUMMIT SPEAKER

Ewa Konczal

Market Building Lead, EVPA


Ewa Konczal's Bio

Ewa Konczal joined EVPA in May 2014 and is the Market Building Lead. Ewa is spreading the knowledge about impact finance in Eastern Europe and MENA.She manages the first Polish VP Fund Valores, initiative of PE community in Poland. Ewa has over 15 years of experience in social entrepreneurship as Representative of Ashoka in Poland and as Ashoka Director for Central and Eastern Europe.Prior to Ashoka, Ewa worked in India with Global March Against Child Labor, and in Egypt with AIESEC and Egyptian-Polish Businessman Association. She has set up the Magic Mountain Foundation, using mountain sports and natural horsemanship as tools for change for people with disadvantages. Ewa is the recipient of the AIESEC Alumni Entrepreneurship & Leadership Award. She holds a Master’s degree in Marketing