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BuildPalestine 2022 SUMMIT SPEAKER

Fadya Salfiti

Chairperson-Rawa Fund, Rawa Fund for Palestinian Community Creative Initiatives


Fadya Salfiti's Bio

Fadya was born in Kuwait to parents from Nablus. She studied International Relations in San Francisco while working as a grassroots activist on women and youth empowerment, advocating for and working on a myriad of issues pertaining to the Palestinian cause. In 1992, she returned to Palestine and settled down in Jerusalem, holding posts with several international, regional, and Palestinian organizations, including the UNDP Rural Development Programme, the Italian Cooperation Agency, the Swedish International Development Agency, the Tamer Institute for Community Education, and the Palestinian Planned Parenthood Association, among others. Her experience in multiple developmental issues; engagement with youth; and work with several outfits as a program specialist on education, health, and the