BuildPalestine 2022 SUMMIT SPEAKER

Lina Yahya

Business owner, Previously worked at the Palestinian Association For Cultural Exchange


Lina Yahya's Bio

I have a BA degree in Middle East History, July 1996, Birzeit University, I’ve worked as a Projects coordinator and manager of PACE’s Palestinian Handcrafts exhibit since Oct. 2002 till 2013 and worked at helping NGOs in Palestine before working at PACE in 2002 Some of the NGOs which I have worked at are: NDI ( the National Democratic Institute) Development Department Program in Beirzeit University UNDP and And the welfare association. In 2017 I’ve started my own personal business (Beit Al Ard), which collects different traditional hand crafted items such as dresses, paintings, jewelry and more, through this business I am able to work with different associations that employ women men to be able to works in traditional arts and crafts.