BuildPalestine 2022 SUMMIT SPEAKER

Nasser Abufarha

Director of Canaan Palestine, Canaan Palestine


Nasser Abufarha's Bio

Nasser Abufarha is a Palestinian-American anthropologist and social entrepreneur.
Nasser holds a PhD in Cultural Anthropology and Urban and Regional Planning. He is the founder of The Palestine Fair Trade Association, a network of organic farmers across Palestine that joins over 2000 farming families in 54 villages. He is also founder and current director of Canaan Fair Trade, a Palestinian business whose core value is nurturing small scale farmers in Palestine and the ecosystems they serve for sustainability. Through his work he managed to uplift the lives of thousands farming families across Palestine and share the beauty of their lives and products with the world. Nasser is an internationally recognized, award-winning entrepreneur, for successfully leading businesses for social impact