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Campaign by: PIPD

Campaign Summary

Palestine VR is a virtual reality app that offers you 360-degree immersive tours of Palestine, where you can walk the old city of Jerusalem, enjoy the lively city of Ramallah, experience life in a refugee camp in Bethlehem and stand on the shores of Gaza overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. 

We’ve already reached thousands of people with Palestine VR. But we have much bigger plans on the way. With your support, we can improve the app, add more stories and places and reach so many more people.

The Problem

Those who visit Palestine are always moved and inspired by what they see and the people they meet. It is a life-transforming experience, but many are not able to go or are denied entry by Israel – just like Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.

Palestinians cannot move freely within their own homeland. Israel imposes restrictions of movement that confines Palestinians and fragments them. Gazans are in an open-air prison, and most have not been able to enter the West Bank in over a decade; Palestinians in the West Bank need a special permit to see their family, holy sites in Jerusalem or the sea; while Palestinian refugees haven’t been able to visit their hometowns in over 70 years.



Turn your phone or tablet into a portal that will transport you to these cities and many others and go on guided tours by the people living there and hear directly about their stories. Viewers will witness the beauty of Palestine and its people but also the injustice that takes place there every day. These tours and stories reflect the reality of life in Palestine, where oppression, discrimination, and displacement are met with hope and resilience.

Palestine VR is meant to offer you a perspective that is often missing from mainstream media and one that has been often suppressed. It gives normal people a platform to get their voices heard and it uses technology to break barriers, stereotypes, and misinformation about Palestine and the aspirations of a people struggling for freedom and rights.

About Palestinian The Palestinian Institute of Public Diplomacy

PIPD is an independent NGO based in Ramallah with the mission of sharing the story of Palestine with the world. Our digital campaigns have reached 92 million in the last two years and seek to raise awareness and mobilize people to support Palestine.

Led by a team of young Palestinians, PIPD is promoting a forward-looking discourse on Palestine based on rights and universal values that taps into intersectionality and broader global debates.


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