About Us v1

What can we build if we mobilize 12 million supporters around the world for positive change in Palestine?
BuildPalestine is a ‘crowdbuilding’ platform that allows everyone to contribute to a better tomorrow through crowdsolving and crowdfunding.
Our Values
We work with projects that have an impact on the community.
Projects provide a specific budget breakdown and are fully transparent.
We look for innovative approaches to solve social problems.
Projects cannot support a specific religious or political group.
We focus on projects that are sustainable and move beyond relief.
Projects commit to follow up and share impact with supporters.


Crowdfunding with BuildPalestine
BuildPalestine believes in the power of crowdfunding. We connect supporters around the world with trusted projects that will have a positive impact on the community.
We are not just another crowdfunding platform; we are a trusted community for positive change.
Steps to crowdfund with BuildPalestine:
Apply with a community project
We evaluate projects based on three criteria: impact, innovation, team.
Create a crowdfunding campaign
We provide training and -1on1- coaching to help projects launch a successful campaign.
Make an impact
We follow up with successful campaign and share updates to illustrate impact


Are you ready to run a crowdfunding campaign for your social impact project? Apply here.
Crowdsolving with BuildPalestine
BuildPalestine believes in the power of crowdsolving. We facilitate BUILD Challenges that bring the community together to tackle a specific problem. Members of the community can apply to curate a BUILD Challenge on a problem they are passionate about. Our team works with community curators to facilitate the 2 day event where participants develop a high impact solution through Human-Centered Design principles.
Steps to curate a BUILD Challenge:
Research the problem
The key to a successful challenge is asking the right question
Identify implementing partner
Partners guarantee that winning solutions see the light and make an impact
Spread the word
Invite your target audience to
a 2 day BUILD Challenge to develop a prototype


Is there a problem in your community you would like to solve? Apply here to curate a BUILD Challenge.