A liberated palestine will be built by Palestinian changemakers

BuildPalestine was founded in 2016 in Palestine by Palestinians.

We are on a mission to empower Palestinian changemakers and accelerate social enterprises. By mobilizing a global community to support locally-led initiatives, we drive impact that will enable genuine progress in Palestine.


Social Innovation? 

Palestine has one of the highest aid-per-capita in the world, but this aid keeps Palestinian progress beholden to foreign interests, and does not center Palestinian liberation as a core goal. 

At BuildPalestine, we advocate for an alternative to traditional aid, one that directly empowers Palestinians to respond to the needs of their community in a more agile and resourceful way.

With over eight years of experience supporting social innovation across Palestine, we firmly believe that genuine progress in Palestine will be led by Palestinians.

Through collaborations with like-minded organizations, both in Palestine and around the world, our goal is to support the Palestinian changemakers who will build a liberated Palestine.

Upcoming Events:


Speaking Truth to Power

Join us for a discussion that examines the devastating impact of the ongoing genocide in Gaza on the education sector. Since October 7, 2023, the destruction of schools and the loss of educators and students have severely disrupted traditional educational methods. Still, the people of Gaza have found creative workarounds to create educational spaces in Gaza despite the backdrop of the crisis. 

This discussion will focus on how to support and  implement creative, disruptive education methods that can replace traditional approaches. We will explore innovative strategies to rebuild and enhance K-12 education and present examples of social enterprises in the region that are already making significant strides in this area. This session will focus on how to transform the current challenges into opportunities for educational advancement and resilience. 

🗓️ 31st of July 2024

4:00 – 5:30 PM Palestine time / 9:00 – 10:30 AM EST

Last Events:


Speaking Truth to Power

On top of the barbaric violence wielded against the Palestinian people of Gaza, Israel’s genocidal assault had thrust us into a war of propaganda where language was weaponized to suppress truth and delegitimize the Palestinian liberation struggle. In Palestine, Al Jazeera had been banned by Israel. In America, Congress had passed a bill that, if turned into law, would codify criticism of Israel as an act of antisemitism. Even aid organizations shied away from naming what happened in Gaza as a genocide, opting for apolitical euphemisms such as “humanitarian crisis” or “conflict.”

Language, when used with intention and precision, was a powerful tool and vehicle for resistance. It formed the backbone of advocacy that shifted the status quo. This was why Israel systematically assassinated Palestinian journalists, writers, and intellectuals.

In a time where misinformation, falsehoods, and outright lies enabled death and destruction of epic proportions, it was imperative that we sought, uplifted, and learned from leaders who did the courageous work of speaking truth to power and guiding others to follow suit.

Listen to the recording of a conversation with Inès Abdel Razek, Executive Director of the Palestinian Institute for Public Diplomacy (PIPD) and its digital platform Rabet, and Aimee Shalan, Director of Makan, to learn how they equipped communities around the world with advocacy skills to further the Palestinian struggle for liberation. This conversation was moderated by Anam Raheem, BuildPalestine’s Global Community Organizer.

Mobilizing for Gaza

This unprecedented era of worldwide solidarity for Palestine is a critical time for BuildPalestine to bolster its presence and voice as a global community mobilizer. The ongoing genocide in Gaza has awakened the masses to the cause of Palestinian liberation, and sheds light on the interconnected political and economic systems that suppress genuine progress in Palestine.

In a time when so many people across the world are asking: “How can I support Palestine?” we are committed to steering resources to Palestinians on the ground who are best equipped to meet their communities’ needs and lead change.

Currently, we host monthly webinars that feature Palestinians and allies who are leading efforts that have an impact on Gaza. Our goal is to provide a global community with ways to support Palestine in a time of massive need.

BuildPalestine Fellowship

There are inspiring Palestinians tackling some of our community's most pressing challenges.

Each year we receive over 150 applications for our fellowship program and select the top 8-10 teams to join our fellowship program.

Over time, these people become our family. And we are fully committed to their success, mobilizing our community however we can to amplify their impact.

Under the Olive Tree

Do you wish you could plug into the social innovation scene in Palestine and meet these amazing changemakers?

Under the Olive Tree, our interactive membership platform, is a hub for supporters of Palestine to share and plug into initiatives that uplift and advance Palestinian progress.

For $12/month, you gain access to the leaders of Palestine’s social innovation scene, as well as an active community of allies and supporters around the world. Your membership fee is reinvested into BuildPalestine’s work to uplift and accelerate Palestinian social entrepreneurs. Through your support, we are able to step away from complicit funders and towards a model fueled by your active solidarity. 

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