BuildPalestine is a global community for social innovation in Palestine.


Our Programs

At BuildPalestine, we run three main programs each year that are about inspiration, ideation, and building impactful social enterprises to solve Palestine’s most pressing social and environmental challenges.

1. Summit

At the annual BuildPalestine Summit, we celebrate changemakers making a tangible impact on the ground, learn about challenges in various sectors, and get inspired to innovate solutions for a better future in Palestine. 


2. Social Innovation Bootcamp

Our Social Innovation Bootcamps take a human-centered approach and
leverage design thinking to guide social entrepreneurs through the stages of ‘inspiration, ideation, and iteration’ focused on the pre-incubation stage. 

3. BuildPalestine


BuildPalestine fellowship program is a program designed for Palestinian social enterprises committed to solving Palestine’s most pressing challenges. Our role is to amplify our fellows’ important work by connecting them with the expertise, resources, and funds they need to maximize their impact.

Support Sustainable Impact in Palestine