Meet the team

Chief Communications Officer

Ola Aboukhsaiwan

Ola is a Palestinian of the Diaspora. She is passionate about data-driven and community-based approaches to economic development. Ever since her return to the Middle East, she has contemplated what it takes to realize social justice. Her call of duty to BuildPalestine is now.

Chief Engagement Officer

Besa Abu-Joudeh

Besan is a Palestinian-American, who recently moved to Palestine with the dream of creating economic opportunity. She previously worked as a consultant in Dubai and with the Global Business Policy Council in Washington D.C.

Chief Ooutreach Officer

Derrar Ghanem

Derrar previously led the development efforts of the Work Factory, a co-working space in Ramallah for Palestinian startups. He is also the Co-Director of the Palestine Chapter of Startup-Grind, and is passionate about fostering the growth of the startup ecosystem in Palestine.

Chief Technical Officer

Odeh Quraan

Odeh is a serial entrepreneur, web enthusiast and proud geek. He loves building startups, teams and products. Odeh was a product manager and CTO at BarakaBits since the start, and is currently the chief optimist.

Graphic Designer

Mahran Ismail

Mahran is a graphic designer with V and V Advertising Agency and has a BA in Graphic Design from An-Najah University. He enjoys challenging projects, learning new things, and working with people of diverse cultures. He wishes to bring a unique perspective and highly qualified approach to BuildPalestine.

Social Media Specialist

Tareq Qaimari

Tareq is currently studying marketing at QOU. He has previously worked in Palestinian start-ups in the online marketing field and now is the marketing team leader at Bir Hakaya. Tareq is passionate about motivating the people around him, and he aims to be a Motivational Speaker in the near future.

Community Engagement Officer

Misal Nabeel

Misal Nabeel is currently completing her BA in Business Administration from AlQuds Open University and has a diploma in technical management from Palestine Technical College. She is passionate about helping high impact organizations raise funds to continue making a difference in Palestine.

Ammar Nada

Ammar is an Egyptian-American, who recently moved to Palestine with the dream of empowering changemakers. He previously worked as a senior business consultant with IBM in Washington D.C. and has experience in strategy, analytics and social entrepreneurship.