Photo Source: Sharek Youth Forum, October 25, 2023

In a previous blog post, we shared a list of trusted organizations for donating to Palestine, encompassing both local and international entities. However, as the situation in Gaza remains dire, marked by relentless bombings and unprecedented destruction, it is crucial to reevaluate our approach to giving. At BuildPalestine, we believe it’s time to shift the focus to directly empowering local organizations that are at the forefront of responding to the ongoing crisis. These organizations are not only providing essential humanitarian aid but also crucial psychological support to the affected communities.

Why is it important to empower local organizations?

Empowering local organizations in times of crisis is of paramount importance for several reasons:

Community Knowledge and Trust: Local organizations have an intimate understanding of the community’s needs, nuances, and cultural context. They’ve established trust and credibility, making their work more effective.

Rapid Response: Local organizations can respond swiftly to emergencies as they are embedded within the community and are often the first to identify and address urgent needs.

Long-Term Impact: Supporting local organizations helps build local capacity, ensuring that communities can better respond to future crises independently.

Sustainable Change: These organizations are committed to long-term development and can address systemic issues in addition to providing immediate relief.

Economic Vitality: Empowering local organizations contributes to the local economy, creating jobs and boosting the community’s resilience.

Criteria for This List of Local Organizations:

In compiling this list of local organizations responding to the crisis in Gaza, we have carefully considered several key criteria:

  • Ability to Work in Gaza through a Local Team: The organizations listed have a demonstrated capability to operate in Gaza, utilizing local teams to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of aid and services.
  • Track Record of Supporting the Community in Gaza: These organizations have a proven history of actively engaging with and supporting the local community in Gaza, particularly during challenging times.
  • Leadership and Management by Palestinians: The organizations on this list are led and managed by Palestinians, which not only guarantees a deep understanding of the local context but also reinforces the importance of local ownership in the recovery process.
  • Safe Money Transfers: All organizations listed have the ability to safely and securely receive donations via bank transfers, ensuring that the funds reach the intended beneficiaries without compromising their safety.

1. Hakini:

Campaign: Help us provide Psychological First Aid for our People from Gaza

Mission: Hakini is a Palestinian impact-driven enterprise that offers mental health services in the Arab world.

Their response to the crisis in Gaza: Hakini aims to set up a hotline for the people in Gaza, providing Psychological First Aid and support to Gazan workers displaced to the West Bank.

Fundraising Goal: $60,000

Donation Link: Donate Here


  • Create a toll-free hotline in collaboration with a local telecom company.
  • Train 25 volunteers and first responders.
  • Rent a space for volunteers to provide support.
  • Provide psychological first aid to 1,000 to 5,000 beneficiaries.
  • Offer advanced intervention through licensed mental health professionals.
  • Host live sessions and podcasts with mental health professionals.

2. Dalia Association

Dalia is currently allocating all resources and donations we get from Gaza Fund to support people of Gaza based on ground needs. We are already on the process of providing support for Gazans who were stuck in the West Bank, and still collecting donations for Gaza Fund to allocate all donations to Gazans to provide all support needed for our people.

Donation link: Here

3. Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children:

Campaign: Send Urgent Aid to Civil Society Groups in Gaza

Mission: Atfaluna is a Palestinian NGO in Gaza City providing education and services to individuals with hearing disabilities since 1992.

Their response to the crisis in Gaza: Atfaluna’s team is working tirelessly to assist their community in Gaza with food, hygiene kits, blankets, and basic items.

Donation Links:

4. AlReef Fair Trade:

Campaign: Building Hope for Gaza Fundraising Campaign

Mission: To provide promotional, marketing, and manufacturing services for Palestinian agricultural products. 

Their response to the crisis in Gaza: Al-Reef is raising funds to send relief shipments to Gaza as soon as the borders open, in cooperation with civil society institutions and the Agricultural Development Association (PARC).

Expected Aid Materials:

  • Food and water.
  • Water projects.
  • Medicine and health supplies.
  • Cleaning and hygiene supplies.
  • Rehabilitation of the agricultural sector.
  • Construction materials.

Bank Information for Donations:

  • Bank Name: The National Bank
  • Bank Code: 27
  • Branch Name: Al – Ram Branch
  • Branch #: 008
  • Country: Palestine
  • Swift Code: TNBCPS22
  • Beneficiary Name: Al – Reef For Investment & Agricultural Marketing USD
  • USD Account:
    • Account#: 1003871955
    • USD IBAN: PS71 TNBC 0000 0000 0001 0038 7196 3
  • EURO Account:
    • Account#: 1003871963
    • EURO IBAN: PS93 TNBC 0000 0000 0001 0038 7195 5

5. Spark Gaza:

Campaign: Save the Lives of Our People in Palestine

Mission: A Gaze based Palestinian non-governmental development organization working in the fields of education, entrepreneurship, digital transformation, culture and heritage;

Their response to the crisis in Gaza: They aim to feed thousands of affected civilians, devastated families, and those without shelter.

Bank Information for Donations:

  • IBAN (USD): PS87ALDN060206894330020010000
  • IBAN (NIS): PS69ALDN060206894330420010000
  • IBAN (EURO): PS54ALDN060206894330430010000
  • Beneficiary Account NO: 689433
  • Beneficiary Bank: Quds Bank

6. Tamer Institute For Community Education:

Campaign: Help support our work for the kids in Gaza

Mission: Tamer Institute For Community Education focuses on education and learning development for children and young adults in the West Bank and Gaza.

Their response to the crisis in Gaza:: Donations support crucial work with children in Gaza, providing resources and psychosocial support. 

Donation Link: Donate Here

Note: Tamer Institute receives funding directly through its partner in Palestine, the Danish House

7. Sharek Youth Forum:

Campaign: Sharek Sha’bak

Mission: Sharek Youth Forum empowers Palestinian youth as active participants in civil society.

Their response to the crisis in Gaza:: Sharek is running an urgent campaign to support people in Gaza with humanitarian aid including those who have been displaced and affected by recent events.

Bank Information for Donations:

  • Bank Name: Bank of Palestine
  • IBAN (EURO): PS65PALS046202303830333000000
  • IBAN (NIS): PS45PALS046202303830993000000
  • IBAN (USD): PS60PALS046202303830013000000
  • IBAN (JOD): PS28PALS046202303830293000000

8. ASHTAR for Theatre Productions and Training:

Campaign: Psycho-social relief intervention – Palestine

Mission: aims for theatre to be a tool for social change to serve cultural and social development, and to promote and deepen the creativity of Palestinian Theatre.

Their response to the crisis in Gaza:: ASHTAR Theatre is launching an intervention in the West Bank, Palestine, providing immediate relief to express and mitigate the traumatic impact of the current war on Gaza. In parthership with Palestinian psychologists, ASHTAR will deliver psycho-social interventions for children, youth and adults using theatre and art as a medium for trauma release in schools & youth centres.

We Will Continue to Add Local Organizations to This List:

As the situation in Gaza evolves and the recovery process continues, we will remain committed to expanding this list of local organizations. Our goal is to provide ongoing support to these organizations and encourage others to do the same. By directing resources to local entities deeply ingrained in the community, we can maximize the positive impact on the ground and contribute to the long-term recovery and resilience of the people of Gaza.

In these challenging times, it is vital to empower local organizations as they work tirelessly to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Your support, whether through donations, advocacy, or raising awareness, can make a significant difference in the lives of those affected by this devastating situation. Together, we can build a more resilient and hopeful future for Gaza.