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Summit 2022

October 7 – 8

BuildPalestine’s Social Innovation Summit is an annual global gathering of dreamers and doers, coming together to imagine,  build, and celebrate. 

Designing for Unity

Social Innovation to Overcome Fragmentation

Following a coordinated campaign of resistance across historic Palestine in May 2021, and the unprecedented surge in global solidarity in response to these events, ‘Unity’ has once again become a key theme of the Palestinian struggle.


This year, we ask: How do we keep building on this momentum, to translate the growing narrative of unity into tangible action? How do we ensure an inclusive society that crosses geographic, economic and political divides? And how do we intentionally ‘design for unity’ within Palestine and beyond?  


Join us on October 7th, 2022 for the third annual BuildPalestine Summit – a space by Palestinians, for Palestinians to build the Palestine we all want to see. 

Organize a panel or host a workshop

We are looking for changemakers, experts, and activists to join our summit as speakers. If you have strong content that encourages audience engagement and is related to this year’s theme of “Designing for Unity: Social Innovation to Overcome Fragmentation” please apply to organize a panel or host a workshop. 


Did you miss the past summits? Don’t worry, you can still watch the inspiring conversations