?Why BuildPalestine Fellowship? And Why Now

Like so many around the world, we at BuildPalestine carry profound grief for our brothers and sisters in Gaza. This catastrophe opens our wounds and reminds us that true and lasting impact requires liberation.

In the midst of such thick grief, we are grateful for the sharp clarity of purpose. We are certain that a liberated Palestine will be built by Palestinian changemakers. That’s why we are proud to offer the BuildPalestine Fellowship—a program designed for early-stage social enterprises. We work with social enterprises that have an existing product, service, or prototype and are in the phase of refining their business models and expanding their teams.

This six-month program utilizes a structured curriculum consisting of live workshops, one-on-one coaching, and a demo pitching day. We provide mentorship, resources, and access to a resourceful network to help entrepreneurs realize their visions.

What is A Social Enterprise?

A social enterprise is a venture that operates with the primary goal of addressing social or environmental issues while generating revenue through the sale of goods or services. Unlike traditional businesses, social enterprises prioritize their social or environmental mission over maximizing profits, although they still aim to be financially sustainable. The profits generated are often reinvested into the organization or used to further its social or environmental goals. In Palestine, a social enterprise can be registered as a for-profit company, not-for-profit company, charity, or co-op.

Who’s Eligible to Apply?

This program is for ambitious leaders who are:

  • Palestinians (no matter where they are based) and making an impact inside historic Palestine.
  • Committed to growing their social enterprises within 6 months.
  • Have developed a working product/service or prototype that aims to solve a social or environmental challenge in Palestine
  • Interested in refining the business model for long-term sustainability.

Selection Criteria

Social Impact

Your solution has a positive, meaningful, and sustainable effect on the Palestinian community and particularly for those at disadvantage or contributes to solving a social or environmental issue

Social Innovation

Your approach should be more efficient and/or effective than the alternative available solutions or should provide a new solution to a problem not yet addressed

Launched Solution

Your product should be launched with a track record or you have a tested MVP. Idea stage projects aren’t eligible for the fellowship

Fellowship Program Outline

Reasons to become a fellow: 

Structured Learning & Tailored Support

The six-month program offers live sessions, workshops, and demo pitching, along with tailored coaching and resources to aid early-stage startups in building sustainable social enterprises.

Access to Network 

 BuildPalestine has curated a network of mentors, experts, and fellow entrepreneurs who offer valuable insights, collaboration opportunities, and potential partnerships.

Focus on Sustainability

We are committed to helping our Fellows test and refine a viable business model for their enterprises. We believe social good requires financial sustainability for long-term success and impact.

Continued Support

BuildPalestine’s support continues post-program with ongoing networking, upskilling opportunities, and access to funding via the BuildPalestine Fund and regional partners.

Mohammed Nejmeddin, Founder at Seddeh

The fellowship program was truly transformative for me and my startup. It provided invaluable resources and insights, shaping our strategic framework and enhancing technical skills like Excel proficiency for efficient management. Structured sessions and mentorship refined business objectives and strategies, boosting confidence in public speaking. Networking opportunities led to meaningful collaborations, such as a workshop partnership with Zero-Waste Palestine. This experience enabled me to articulate our startup’s details effectively, resulting in a clearer vision and communication strategy. Overall, it was an enriching journey impacting both my personal growth and my start-up 

Yaqeen Yamani, co-founder of Jericho Cinema Club

The Fellowship program has been incredibly inspiring and insightful for me. Throughout the program, I gained valuable knowledge on refining our vision, measuring our impact, and effectively pitching our story.

Manal Salem, founder of Rawajeh AlSa'en

“The fellowship was a wonderful journey that offered fresh perspectives on our project. It allowed me to explore sweet memories and reconsider my attitudes towards cheese and jameed (dried yogurt), positively impacting our project. This experience also sharpened my ability to define our project clearly and specifically. On a personal level, I enhanced my organizational skills, emotional awareness, and priorities. I learned to approach challenges indirectly and persistently seek solutions. This journey reinforced my belief in the importance of our project’s impact and gradual profitability, serving as an inspiring model for others. Warm regards, cheese seller girl.