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Over the past months, we’ve received numerous questions about ways to volunteer in Palestine, both virtually and in person. We teamed up with Sawaed19, a web-based platform which connects volunteers worldwide with impact-based volunteering opportunities across Palestine, to compile a list of available volunteering opportunities.

Check out the list here…

Re-Startup Gaza

Re-Startup Gaza,is an initiative led by StartupPalestine Community. The initiative aims to support the recovery of startups in Gaza, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and different talents who were affected by the recent airstrikes on the Strip. 

Re-Startup Gaza is an independent, community-led platform to connect supporters with Gaza. Supporters can be professionals, mentors, designers, programmers, or anybody who can contribute with their skill set to support. 

Teb Fact

TebFact, a Gaza-based online medical consultation platform, is looking for a volunteer to help design social media posts. If you’re proficient in photoshop or any graphic design software and have the time to create templates for social media posts, please apply through this link


MNJM is the first Palestinian company for solid waste collection and management. The MNJM team is looking for an accessible space in Ramallah & AlBeireh area to be used as storage for and drop-off point for solid waste materials. If you can offer the space, please email us at [email protected] or reach out through our Facebook page

The team is also looking for passionate environmentalist volunteers to help with collecting solid waste and recycling materials in their cities in Palestine, helping to run awareness campaigns on social media, organize and attend green hiking for individuals and families, among other activities. 

If you’re based in Palestine and are interested in getting involved, apply through this link.

الغرفة الرقمية The Digital Room

The Digital Room is a Facebook group where people and organizations post their translation, video editing, design, etc. needs, and connect with volunteers worldwide.

Join the Facebook group to discover volunteering opportunities.


Greeners is looking for volunteers to help with social media management, namely Instagram and LinkedIn. The volunteer would need to develop content and consistently update Greeners’ social media pages, apply through this link.

Duration: Two months.

Other opportunities…

Sawaed19 is an is part of the BuildPalestine Impact Network. They’re continuing to develop their solution and platform to connect volunteers with opportunities in Palestine. Learn more about Sawaed19 and get involved! 

About Sawaed19

“Sawaed19 is a web-based platform that connects volunteers worldwide and matches them with opportunities in a way that makes volunteering a joyful and impactful one. By providing our stakeholders with valuable services, starting with a central volunteering community where they can create profiles, network, and access all volunteering initiatives, implementing smart matching (where right volunteers are just in the right place), chatting with each other, and finally managing the initiatives through the volunteering Management System.”