This report was compiled by the BuildPalestine team based on the findings of the 2022 Summit Health track.

A lack of a strategic vision for sectoral development

Palestine’s infamous reliance on international donor aid is melded within the health care sector. International actors such the the WHO, World Bank, UNDP, USAID, often support developmental projects in line with international sustainable developmental goals, yet can overlook the true needs of the Palestinian people.

This isn’t to say that there isn’t an occasional overlap, however, most times the sector is left to tend to project-based proposals, forgoing existing deficiencies and priorities. The lack of a strategic funding strategy also reflects on individuals, who pay 40% out of pocket for healthcare. This only exacerbates poverty and makes people more volatile.

Political Context

The effects of the illegal military occupation of Palestine cannot be neglected. In the health sector, this is translated into continuous restrictions on movements that obstructs service provision, further damage to infrastructure, and of course- the strain military attacks put on hospitals accommodating the wounded in both Gaza and the West Bank. The occupation leaves Palestinians to bandage emergency after emergency which makes it difficult for the health sector to plan long term.

Minimal support for health and helth-tech entrepreneurs

The current infrastructure of the health sector does not incorporate room for the adoption of new technologies or entrepreneurial projects, leaving Palestinian youth interested in the health sector innovation with limited opportunity for growth and success. The infrastructure is also not equipped to accommodate new tools, forcing the sector to rely on traditional forms of medical support, and missing opportunities for quality services that are often provided through the integration of technology.

Call for solutions!

Now that we’ve outlined some of the sector’s main challenges, we call on innovators in Palestine and beyond to join the BuildPalestine Bootcamp, a three day intensive program aimed at supporting innovators design impactful interventions for our community.

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