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Social Innovation Bootcamp

Tackling social challenges in Palestine 

Design an impactful intervention for your community

The BuildPalestine Bootcamp takes a human-centered approach and leverages design thinking to guide social entrepreneurs through the stages of ‘inspiration, ideation, and iteration’ focused on the pre-incubation stage.  BuildPalestine’s role is to empower individuals to design thoughtful and impactful interventions for their communities. This intervention can be a product, service, initiative or program. 


Explore social challenges around you, identify and understand your problem


Engage with your beneficiary, get creative and ideate solutions for your problem 


Prototype, test, refine and repeat to produce the best solution for your problem

The Social Innovation Bootcamp is run virtually. The bootcamp is a 22-hour commitment over the course of six days.

 We’re running two bootcamps under the following themes:

Upskilling and Education

Ideate solutions to solve challenges in the education sector in Palestine

Dates: 18-23 June 2022

Deadline to apply: June 10th, 2022

Culture and Tourism


Ideate solutions to tackle challenges in the cultural and tourism sectors in Palestine

Dates: 16-21 July 2022

Deadline to apply: July 8th, 2022


This bootcamp is co-organized by uMake.


“Attending the Social Innovation Bootcamp helped me in learning the tools required to become more aware of my problem and to organize the possible solutions for it.” 

Samed Alhajajla

ThymeEdu Project

“This Bootcamp was the perfect step to start my journey towards social change”


Suzan Abu Farha

Solid Waste Management Project