Hundreds of people around the world (741 to be exact!) came together for two full days to be part of the first Social Innovation Summit in Palestine, and believe us when we say we truly felt each person’s presence and energy. The event left us feeling inspired and hopeful for the future of Palestine. 

The variety of topics ranging from arts to business and agriculture to many more are what made the interaction so rich and valuable. Experts from diverse sectors provided valuable insights on topics and ideas in order to help us unify our efforts to achieve one shared vision.

What was the summit like?

It felt like home…

We truly felt that Palestine has no boundaries, that Palestinians and allies at home and in the in diaspora were connected. The two packed days left attendees with optimism, dedication, and passion for a promising future for our country. Lana Kamel expressed this by saying: “I believe this event is God sent because I am amongst many diverse individuals here with the same love and passion towards Palestine, I believe hearing and reading all your thoughts would help me plant more optimism in my mind towards the future vision.”

We derive strength from you

Through each panel and session, we got to learn fresh ideas from inspiring individuals who are dedicated to manifesting social change in Palestine. We actually got stimulated from each participant’s impactful experience and knowledge. For us in Palestine, it gives us great strength to know that there are people around the world that share this vision to create a better future and Build Palestine (pun intended).   

“I Imagine Palestine where Palestinians are supporters to each other. We do have outstanding people, we have the capabilities, the potentials, the perseverance, the well-being, the great history and traditions. I imagine Palestine where we as people have this vision to build Palestine” Hiba Awaysa

So, what do we need to get started?

“We should become strong enough “Collectively” to bring back our Palestine.” Reem AbdelJawad says. “What we lack is the collective and cumulative effort. We are talented and great thinkers; however, we need to work on one shared vision.” Iyas AlQasem also agreed: “A shared vision, shared values, empowered people, a plan and most importantly, action.” It is time for us to strategically plan and organize our powers to create the future we deserve. We believe our Social Innovation Summit has been a major milestone in this matter, as many agree on the same big vision for Palestine.

I Imagine Palestine…

Throughout the Summit, participants shared their radical imaginations for Palestine. Here are a few picks…

“I dream of return, rights and repatriations, of our lands and livelihoods. For future generations to walk the paths of our parents and grandparents. Modern, but connected to our history. I want an end to settler colonialism. An end to normalisation politics. An end to the neoliberal development / business development under occupation agenda. To embrace the diversity of our people’s dreams and aspirations, as long as we have equality, justice, peace, rights, repatriation, return.” Samer Abdelnour

“I imagine a Palestine where all Palestinians can live with dignity and justice as Palestinians on their land with free expression of language, culture and identity.” Christa Bruhn

“I imagine simply a Palestine with a fulfilled, happy and healthy people, free to live, walk, love, work, laugh and contribute from Jerusalem to Jaffa, from Gaza to Nazareth.” Iyas AlQasem

“I Imagine a Palestine where I can visit the sea whenever I want!” Lama Amr:

“I hope that I can visit Jerusalem with the Palestinian Flag without seeing any Israeli soldiers there.” Mohammad Abdelnabi

If you missed the Social Innovation Summit (SIS), you can access the recordings for all Panel discussions here. So much inspiration awaits! 

Follow our social media accounts to browse through everyone’s “I imagine” for Palestine!

Rafeef Quzmar is a an intern at BuildPalestine, a recent graduate from Birzeit University, and a former exchange student of Philipps University. She pursues her passion through volunteering in youth empowerment programs and is plainly dedicated to achieving social change.