Have you ever thought about volunteering in Palestine? Give this question a thought.

We know what you must be thinking right now, the title might have evoked images about charity, helping vulnerable people, being a part of medical aid, etc. In fact, there are far more ways to volunteer beyond these stereotypes that it can be overwhelming when you take your duty as a volunteer. Sounds interesting?

Check out these 5 ways you can volunteer in Palestine community projects.

1.Deepen the Palestinian cause

So you always watch the news and listen to reporters talking about the Palestinian cause. But what about living the cause?. Dalia Association along with To Be There introduced their very own Diaspora Solidarity Volunteer Program in order to give you the chance to volunteer in a 10 day program (short trip period) where you’ll be learning about the political reality for Palestinians living under occupation since 1948.

If you find yourself captivated by Palestine and want to stay longer, Dalia Association will match your skills with a local organization to support their current needs.

Interested? Apply here


2. Work your design magic

Representation is on of the most vital aspects of Palestine community projects. Projects sometimes struggle to translate their vision into visuals that fit the media and make them stand out from the crowd when it comes to supporting Palestine.   BuildPalestine,  is offering a volunteering opportunity for creative graphic designers to present their design style and aid in the creative vision of BuildPalestine, as well as our local network of organizations.

Here we are offering our first graphic design volunteering opportunity.


3. Join Efforts to Preserve Palestinian Biodiversity

Have you ever been asked to be a volunteer of your choice?. Well, The Palestinian Museum for National History is looking for volunteers to join its dynamic team. Opportunities to volunteer range from working in the botanical gardens to permaculture. Some areas where volunteers are needed include: biodiversity research, taxonomy of different animal and plant groups, collection management, maintaining living ecosystems, administrative areas, fundraising, media work, education, publicity, working with children, art, and exhibits related to our mission. (There is a modest apartment available for volunteers (shared with other volunteers).

Check out PMNH volunteering program.


4. Medicine and health care

The healthcare system in Palestine faces  many challenges, such as borders, restrictions, delays, etc. Hence, only 44% of Palestinians have access to medical supplies and equipment. If you are a physician, nurse, or even a medical student, then this is the opportunity for you to work with various hospitals and clinics in Palestine through Volunteer Palestine’s healthcare program.

Check out Healthcare and Medicine Volunteering Program


5. Teach in Palestine

Education forms one of the most significant tools to rapid community enhancement. Fortunately, Palestine is considered to be one of the countries with least illiteracy. We like diversity in learning and teaching methods which is why having international volunteers would be great. Project Hope is currently accepting volunteering applications for people with teaching experience in any background.

Teaching in Palestine is really inspiring, and incredibly rewarding.

Check out Project Hope: Teach in Palestine Volunteering Program