Crowdfunding is a powerful tool to mobilize the crowd!

At BuildPalestine, we recognize the potential of crowdfunding to drive positive change in Palestine. Whether you’re running a crowdfunding campaign to support your nonprofit, social enterprise, or community initiative, we’d love for you to join us Under the Olive Tree!

How BuildPalestine Supports Your Crowdfunding Campaign:

BuildPalestine supports crowdfunding campaigns for community- driven projects in historic Palestine through the following ways: 

  • Community Engagement: As a member of Under the Olive Tree, you gain access to our vibrant community of Palestinians and allies worldwide who are passionate about social impact in Palestine. We invite you to share your crowdfunding campaign with our community, where you can engage with like-minded individuals, receive valuable feedback, and garner support for your cause.

  • Amplification: Upon joining, reach out to a member of our team, and we’ll work with you to amplify your campaign. This includes hosting live events with our community, posting about your campaign on BuildPalestine’s social media platforms, and providing guidance and advice on campaign design and storytelling to maximize your impact.

  • Focus on Community Impact: It’s important to note that BuildPalestine does not allow fundraising for individuals on our platform. Instead, we prioritize crowdfunding campaigns that have a clear community impact and align with our mission empowering Palestinian changemakers.

Our Vision for Crowdfunding in Palestine:

Since our inception in 2016, crowdfunding has grown significantly in Palestine, despite challenges such as restrictions imposed by payment processors. Today, it is widely acknowledged as a powerful tool for mobilizing the crowd, often led by individuals outside of Palestine.

At BuildPalestine, we’re committed to expanding access to crowdfunding within Palestine. We’re currently developing a platform that will facilitate local crowdfunding, bypassing restrictions on international money transfers. This initiative aims to empower local communities to fund impactful projects that address pressing needs and drive innovation.


Why We Love Crowdfunding:

  • Community Mobilization: Crowdfunding allows individuals and organizations to mobilize community resources and harness collective support for meaningful causes.

  • Encourages Innovation: It fosters creativity and supports the development of new ideas and initiatives that address local challenges.

  • Alternative Funding: Crowdfunding offers an alternative means of funding, enabling projects to access financial support beyond traditional channels.

Join us in harnessing the power of crowdfunding to drive real impact in Palestine.

Are you ready to launch a crowdfunding campaign? Here are some resources to help:

Campaigns BuildPalestine Supported:

Creating safe and open spaces for children and families in Palestine

 With your support, we will be able to to bringing the surrounding communities together through creating common spaces in Qalandiya’s historic centre


Help us provide Adha Qurbani for Families in Need in Gaza 

Your generosity support is integral to the success of this campaign. Help out a family in the Gaza Strip. Donate directly to the campaign to support with Adha food parcels.

Help children with learning disabilities in Al Jalazoun camp, Palestine 

With your suppoert  Al Karama center will be able to  prepare interactive educational classes that specialize in remedial learning for learning difficulties for students at Al Jalazoun refugee camp before it is too late.  



Be the Hope for Palestinian Children By Supporting their Circus Education  

At the PCS we strongly invest in the “circus for all” idea. In our vision we state that we want to contribute to a just and inclusive society. For us, this means that all Palestinians, despite their different backgrounds, possibilities, and abilities, are welcome at the circus school. 


Help Jalazone Emergency Group Equip for The Upcoming Winter

support Palestinian Child Club to provide tools and supplies needed to prevent water damage during heavy rainstorms in the coming winter at Jalazone Refugee Camp, in the Ramallah and Al Bireh Governorate, Palestine.  


Suporting Children to Express Themselves 

Assirk Alsaghir is a Palestinian NGO working with a wide range of communities, we are working with children, youth, women, and people in a marginalized area

Assirk assaghir is located now in a historical building, it is 114 years old, from the Ottoman era.

Help us Continue Providing Educational Classes for Children in Beit Palestine

Help Tanweer center to sustain their  activities, They are in need of funds to be able to continue helping vulnerable children.

$3,197 raised

Support children with autism with disabilities in Palestine

 Help us provide 1,000 therapy sessions to 50 children this year – and to provide 25 therapy sessions per child every month.


$10,081 raised

Help us build “Al Wadi” library for children in Jerusalem

 Help us create a library hall from scratch, With books and furniturein our community center offering access to regional and international literature and other programs for all ages in Jerusalem

$5000 raised


Support Diabetes patients at Jazazone Refugee Camp 

The Young Health Guards Initiative is running a crowdfunding campaign to launch a Health Cooperative and Store to serve diabetes patients at Jalazone Refugee Camp 



$3,504 raised

Help us plant 1000 olive trees in Khan Younis, Gaza

Empower farmers in Abasan Al-kabira, Gaza by plant 1000 olive trees on eastern border farmland, located in the eastern region of Abasan Al-kabira Town.

$727 raised

Support Palestinian Tourism and Economy in Al-Quds

Grassroots Al-Quds is running this campaign to create the Arabic version of our book Wujood – The Grassroots Guide to Jerusalem. Wujood tells the Palestinian perspective on Jerusalem and promotes tourism in the marginalized eastern part of the city.

$51,265 raised 

Adopt an Olive Tree in Palestine

 Support Palestinian women farmers in areas threatened with confiscation by the occupation in the northern West Bank


$7,633 raised

Contribute to therapy support for affected people in Gaza

‘Hakini’ (“tell me”, in Arabic) is an online platform that provides mental health therapy support for people in Palestine. The recent attacks on Gaza bombarded the mental health of Palestinians. This campaign aims to provide free mental health services in Gaza for affected people. 

$10,256 raised 

Help Us Provide Adha Qurbani for Families in Need in Gaza  Gaza

This Adha, we’ve launched a campaign to support vulnerable families in Gaza, especially those under the poverty line, as well as families with members with disabilities. The siege imposed on the Gaza Strip has left hundreds of families in dire situations. Help us bring cheer to them this Adha. 

$10,256 raised 

Help Sunbula & Artisans Overcome the Corona Crisis in Palestine

Help us keep open the only Palestinian fair trade shop in Jerusalem & protect the livelihood of artisans across Palestine


$17,083 raised

Help Children with Autism in Palestine Return to Treatment and Rehabilitation

“Sons of Sofi” is an initiative to help children with autism return to treatment and rehabilitation in Palestine


$6,815 raised

Support women from Gaza KickStart their Businesses

This project targeted women in Gaza affected by the Great March of Return demonstrations (GMR), and by the ever-worsening economic and political conditions in the Gaza strip.  


€6,614 raised

First Ever Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in Arabic

Farashe Yoga is offering the first 200 Hour Yoga Wellness Teacher Training program taught by Palestinians in Arabic – starting January 2020

$4,965 raised

The Mountain: Inspiring Social Change in Palestine

 We will use your donation and the money to build a Well in order to sustain the Mountain, to support the surrounding farms and to go green


$5,892 raised

Paint the Walls of Balata Refugee Camp

 Paint the Walls of the largest refugee camp in West Bank, Palestine with beautiful art murals from professional artists, Local and International.


$5,075 raised

Support Women in Gaza to Access International Markets

Help disabled women freelancers in Gaza improve their skills to compete internationally on different freelancing platforms and obtain job opportunities

$6,874 raised

The Palestine Youth Orchestra is coming to Europe!

 The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music is organizing a tour for 90 Palestinian Musicians in five European countries


$11,232 raised

Create jobs for talented women in Gaza

Purchase handmade Palestinian embroidered products and join the life-changing journey of talented refugee women. 

$5,018 raised

Help Bring Medical Aid to Palestinians under Siege in Gaza

This campaign will purchase medicine and medical supplies from private pharmacies to help hospitals and clinics provide urgent services in Gaza

$32,767 raised

PaliSocks by Habibi Worldwide

 We are launching a line of socks inspired and designed by Palestinians. Check out our new Hebron Pottery and Olives designs

$7,808 raised

Support uMake, Palestine’s Leading Coworking Space

We reached our full capacity, and with the current prices, we can’t sustain. The only solution is to expand and allow more people to join our community! 

$10,120 raised

Interactive, sensory room for children with autism in Palestine

Raseel association is working to establish an affordable sensory room for children with autism in Palestine. Be part of this!

$14,949 raised

Order the First Palestinian Comic Novel

Tales of Elia is the first Palestinian comical series telling new stories about the land and the people to the world. Order your copy now!

$5,000 raised

Support Raya to earn her MA at Sussex University – Recollecting the dream

My dream is to join the world #1 Development program at the University of Sussex

$20,360 raised

Help Establish a Palestinian Cultural Scene in the Triangle

 Tishreen Alternative space is a multi-dimensional platform that provides students, youth and artists with a welcoming space that facilitates networking

$5,396 raised

Support design, support Disarming Design from Palestine

 Thought provoking design label opens alternative school on the crossroads of design, crafts and community

€7,269 raised

The Only True, Sustainable Solution for Gaza – Energy Independence

We #BringLightToGaza through extraordinarily affordable, solar energy access.


Embroidery from Palestine: An Instruction Manual

 Invest in the first-ever book on how to make Palestinian embroidery. Buy a copy. Learn the techniques. Support our actions to reinvigorate the cultural heritage

$15,100 raised

Build Physical Infrastructure for Jahalin Community Center

 We want to build a permanent classroom to host activities for Al Jahalin Kids in Palestine

$8,766 raised

Help Us Start The First Arabic Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum

Farashe Yoga Center in Palestine wants to create the first Arabic Yoga curriculum for teachers.

$2,776 5raised

Electrosteen: an electronic celebration of Palestinian heritage

 Electrosteen is an initiative to bring Palestinian traditional music, in its widest sense, into the contemporary international art/musical scene

$3,563 raised

Help Me Win the first Olympic Medal for Palestine

 I am Mohammed Khatib, and I want to win the first Olympic Medal for Palestine. Help me fund my training

$11,025 raised

Support the “Water Heroes” of Palestine

A game that introduces behavioral based environmental education in primary schools. The ultimate goal is to bypass the current water challenges in Palestine

$8,287 5raised