The long awaited month of Ramadan is knocking the door. Many Muslims around the world are waiting for the holy month to start for them to feed their souls, through fasting, praying, and giving charity and.

Charity in Ramadan is given in two different ways; Sadaqah and Zakat. Thanks to the advanced era of technology we are living in, online fundraising and crowdfunding have made it easier for people around the world to make their charity impactful where it is most needed.

Here are some ways you can give through Ramadan.

1.Iftar donations during the month of Ramadan

People start to raise donations even before Ramadan. For example, there are many initiatives that encourage people to donate online during the whole month for the sake of giving Iftar for people who are in need.

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2. Ramadan bags

In most Islamic countries, especially in Palestine and Egypt, philanthropists in partnership with supermarkets raise money whether online or offline in order to prepare food bags for the poor. These bags include all basic food needs for every house that would suffice them for the whole month.

Check out “Ramadan Food Parcels for Gaza” campaign

3. All day, everyday charity

Muslims throughout Ramadan seek to give charity by all possible means. The charity is always used for every matter that serves humanity. Usually, people look for trustworthy organizations that have a strong reputation within society to give to. These organisations mostly operate in rural areas where vulnerable people exist such as refugees.

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4. Zakat is a paramount

Ramadan is known for its wide practices in regard of unconditional giving, Muslims seek to give Zakat (the third pillar of Islam which is a payment made annually during Ramadan under Islamic law on certain kinds of property). Nowadays, and in every Muslim country, there are organizations that specialize in this kind of activity where Muslims donate online and offline. Giving the fact that these organisations operates in many countries, it has been easier to reach for the people who are in need the most.

Launchgood crowdfunding platform has just introduced a new feature regarding Zakat to their website which gives the fundraisers the opportunity to mark their campaigns as (Zakat Eligible).

Check out MECA’s Campaign on bringing medical aid to Palestinians under siege in Gaza / A Zakat Eligible campaign!/

5. Ma’edat El-Rahman (Iftar Table)

In Palestine, Egypt, and many Islamic countries, everyday individual people gives from their own money in order to prepare an Iftar table for people who are in need or passing by or for anyone who wants to break his fast.

Check out “Share The Blessings: Iftar for Gaza Food Packages” campaign

Do you know of any other activities that people do throughout Ramadan? Share you thoughts in the comment section below.