Samar is a mom of six children, one of which is handicapped and has a lung disease that requires to run an oxygen breathing medical device. Due to electricity shortage, Samar had to take daily trips to a medical center to run the device.  Sometimes, in rainy weather, she could not manage to go, worsening her child’s condition.

This is only one of thousands of stories of people who suffer from electricity shortage in Gaza.

Majd Mashharawi, a 24 years old civil engineer living in Gaza, founded SunBox; a hybrid company with profit and non-profit arms that offers off-grid and on-grid solar systems for families suffering from electricity shortage.

SunBox offers safe, renewable energy systems, and cheaper electricity for everyone. However, installing the system is quite expensive, and more than 60% of Gazans below the poverty line won’t be able to buy it. Hence, Sunbox decided to launch their first crowdfunding campaign that aimed to cover 50% of the installation cost.

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SunBox campaign successfully raised $60,000 from supporters around the world. We met with Majd to see how the funds help their company.

1.Samar’s issue has been resolved

Samar said “SunBox is more than a solar device that provides lights for my kids to study and run the TV for them, it really changed my life by providing electricity to run the medical device for my sick child. Now, I do not have to worry everyday whether I can go to the hospital or not. I do not have to run anymore to be on time so I can provide him with oxygen before something happens.”

2. 65 solar systems installed

Samar’s challenge wasn’t the only one that was solved. SunBox installed 65 solar systems to more than 800 beneficiaries in Gaza, providing subsidies up to 50% of the installation cost to families. They are aiming to install 200 solar systems that would serve 2500 people in Gaza by the end of 2019.

3. 15 local jobs created

Another major issue in Gaza is the high unemployment rate among graduates. SunBox campaign has helped in providing jobs for more than 15 people in Gaza, most of whom are recent graduates. SunBox also offers internships and volunteering opportunities for youth who are passionate about walking into the path of social impact.

Check out SunBox new crowdfunding campaign on LaunchGood:!/

Majd also runs GreenCake;  an environmentally friendly construction company in Gaza which uses war rubble to create eco-friendly building blocks. Check out her talk at TEDWomen 2018.