BuildPalestine wrapped up The Social Innovation Summit (SIS) during the first weekend of October – the 3 and 4, 2020. The two-day summit, and the first of its kind in Palestine, aimed to be the biggest virtual gathering of Palestinians and allies coming together to celebrate and to radically imagine the future of Palestine. The summit welcomed 742 attendees (of 1462 registrants) over two days, from 51 countries to a wide variety of discussions – ranging from literature and arts, to mental health, to job creation, and social innovation ecosystems. The 20+ panels, sessions, and expo, all under the theme of Radical Imagination, brought about crucial conversations pertaining to the present and future of Palestine. 

In addition to the constructive debates and discussion, attendees, panelists, partners, and organizers all shared their own versions of “I Imagine” for Palestine. These, in addition to all panels and sessions, will be made available to the public in the coming weeks. 

The Social Innovation Summit was a testament for the need for a strong, thriving community for Palestine, but it does not stop there. The BuildPalestine team will be developing points of action to move forward with the successful experience. As Sara Husseini, BuildPalestine Board Chair perfectly put it, “Radical Imagination is a collective process and one that will take time, energy and hard work. But I truly believe that if we can commit to this process today, then we can  re-imagine and build a Palestine that fulfils all of our aspirations.”

Thank you all for being part of the SIS, and see you next year!