For decades, the Palestinian people have faced one of the most enduring conflicts in the world, living under the shadow of occupation, displacement, and political instability. While humanitarian aid has played a critical role in addressing immediate needs, it is essential to recognize that true progress and lasting change require a broader approach. To dismantle the occupation and shift the narrative surrounding Palestine, we must support organizations that are working with the long-term vision of liberation. Here, we highlight a few of these organizations that are making a significant impact.

Visualizing Palestine:

Visualizing Palestine is a unique organization that harnesses the power of data visualization and creative storytelling to illustrate the Palestinian experience. By providing data-driven narratives, they shed light on various aspects of life under occupation, from land seizures to the impact on healthcare and education. Their work not only informs the global community but also challenges stereotypes and misinformation.

US Campaign for Palestinian Rights:

USCPR is a grassroots coalition that advocates for Palestinian rights and self-determination. By organizing campaigns, educational events, and solidarity actions, they empower individuals and communities to engage with the issue. The US Campaign for Palestinian Rights emphasizes that change is possible through collective efforts, from divestment initiatives to advocacy for just policies.


Makan is a Palestinian-led transformative education organization in the UK that strengthens voices for Palestinian rights.Their goal is to transform the existing narrative on Palestine-Israel to one that upholds freedom, justice and equality for all by delivering educational workshops and trainings on Palestine, creating useful resources and tools for human rights advocates, and connecting people and organizations active on the issue to one another.

IMEU (Institute for Middle East Understanding):

IMEU is dedicated to providing the American public with accurate information and analysis on Palestine and related issues. They challenge misrepresentations and biases in the media by offering a well-researched, balanced perspective on the Palestinian struggle for justice and self-determination.

Rabet (Palestinian Institute for Public Diplomacy):

PIPD is a Palestinian think tank dedicated to conducting research, advocating for human rights, and contributing to informed policy decisions. Their work is vital for promoting fact-based discourse and supporting policy changes that benefit Palestinians.

Adalah Justice Project:

Adalah Justice Project focuses on advocating for the rights of Palestinians in the United States and globally. By raising awareness of the impact of U.S. policies on Palestinians, they are actively working to shift the narrative and influence decision-makers to adopt a more just and balanced approach.

Palestine Legal:

Palestine Legal provide legal advice, Know Your Rights trainings, advocacy and litigation support to college students, grassroots activists and affected communities who stand for justice in Palestine. Palestine Legal also monitors incidents of suppression to expose trends in tactics to silence Palestine activism

Al Shabaka:

Al-Shabaka is the Palestinian Policy Network was launched in April 2010 as the first and only independent, transnational Palestinian think tank. We bring together over 200 analysts from across the globe to produce critical policy analysis and craft visions for a liberated, self-determined future. Al-Shabaka is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, registered in the State of California as the Middle East Policy Network.

We are not Numbers:

We Are We Are Not Numbers (WANN) is a youth-led Palestinian nonprofit project in the Gaza Strip. It tells the stories behind the numbers of Palestinians in the news and advocates for their human rights. WANN was founded and conceived in early 2015 by the American journalist Pam Bailey. The project was brought to fruition by Dr Ramy Abdu, chairman of the board of directors at Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor (Euro-Med Monitor). WANN is registered under the umbrella of Euro-Med and its fiscal sponsor is Nonviolence International, a U.S. organization.

Adalah (“Justice” in Arabic)

Adalah (“Justice” in Arabic) is an independent human rights organization and legal center. It was founded in November 1996 as a joint project of two leading Arab NGOs – The Galilee Society and the Arab Association for Human Rights (HRA), and it became an independent NGO in 1997. Adalah’s mission is to promote human rights in Israel in general and the rights of the Palestinian minority, citizens of Israel, in particular (around 1.5 million people, or 20% of the population).

Al Mezan

Al Mezan Center for Human Rights is an independent, non-partisan, non-governmental human rights organization based in the Gaza Strip. Since its establishment in 1999, Al Mezan has been dedicated to protecting and advancing the respect of human rights — especially economic, social and cultural rights — supporting victims of violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law, and enhancing democracy, community and citizen participation, and respect for the rule of law in Gaza as part of the occupied Palestinian territory.


SlingShot is an initiative created by a group of volunteers in Palestine and the diaspora with the intent of bringing together the different voices speaking on behalf of Palestine, amplifying their voices, providing a reliable source of information for content creators and decision-makers, and helping track misinformation.

The Importance of Supporting These Organizations:

While humanitarian aid is vital for alleviating suffering and addressing immediate needs, it is not a substitute for long-term solutions. These organizations are instrumental in creating systemic change and shaping the narrative around Palestine. Here are some reasons why supporting them is crucial:

  • Advocacy and Policy Change: These organizations work to influence policy decisions, both in the U.S. and globally. By supporting them, you are helping to shift the political landscape in favor of Palestinian rights.
  • Public Awareness: Their efforts to raise public awareness about the Palestinian struggle and the impact of the occupation are essential for changing the narrative and countering misinformation.
  • Cultural Resilience: Cultural and artistic initiatives play a crucial role in preserving Palestinian identity and resilience in the face of occupation.
  • Research and Data: Think tanks and research organizations provide the necessary data and analysis to support informed decision-making and advocacy efforts.

Supporting Palestinian organizations working to dismantle the occupation and shift the narrative is a concrete way to contribute to lasting change in the region. While humanitarian aid is essential, it must be complemented by efforts that address the root causes of the conflict and strive for justice and self-determination. By standing in solidarity with these organizations, we can work towards the liberation of our people and a world where there is equality and justice for all.