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At BuildPalestine, we’re committed to amplifying the work of the most impactful and innovative organizations in Palestine



The BuildPalestine Impact Network is a partnership of organizations committed to promoting social innovation and working collaboratively to make a positive impact in our community. Members of the Impact Network have direct access to BuildPalestine’s global members who are looking to support the work of these trusted organizations. Our role is to amplify the important work of our partners (nonprofits and social enterprises) by connecting them with people, resources, and funds.


Each year, we work with a cohort of 10 organizations to help them run fast and effective fundraising campaigns, connect with experts and volunteers from our global members, and reach a wider audience through the curated content our team makes. 

Our advisory board reviews organizations on an annual basis. If you are interested in joining our network, apply here.


BuildPalestine’s Impact Network FAQs

What is the criteria to join the Impact Network?

Organizations who fit the following criteria are eligible to apply:

>> Social Innovation: Your organization’s approach is more effective than past solutions used to address similar problems. 

>> Collaboration: Your organization is committed to collaborating with other organizations to undertake shared challenges. 

>> Impact: Your organization is dedicated to tracking, measuring, and analyzing impact over time. 

>> Sustainability: Your organization is determined to grow its revenue streams so it can become more self-reliant. 

>> Transparency: Your organization is an open book that clearly displays its strategy and finances in order for supporters to trust contributing to your mission.

How can my organization join Impact Network?

We accept a new cohort at the beginning of each year, if you are interested in joining the 2021 cohort, apply here, and we will let you know once we are accepting applications. 

How do you select organizations?

Our advisory board reviews organizations on an annual basis. If you are interested in joining our network, apply here

What kind of support activities do you provide partners?

We assist our partners with the following:

– Running Successful Fundraising Campaigns

– Generating Creative Content

– Connecting with Experts

– Connection to a Global Network of Supporters

– Access to Committed Volunteers

– Engagement Opportunities with Supporters

– Collaborating with Partners within the Network

– Assisting with Impact Measurement


What is required of my organization once it joins the network?

– Contribute to a Shared Mission

Civil society organizations have long played a critical role in the Palestinian cause. With donor aid declining and increased fragmentation, we need to be collaborative and sustainable. Our community is looking to proactively support impactful projects, from Palestine, for Palestine.

– Collaborate for Greater Impact

Organizations are facing similar problems and many are offering similar solutions. Through your connections with other organizations, you can cooperate in joint efforts that would increase awareness and expand the reach of your organization, globally.

– Share Your Skills

We each have something we can offer. The Impact Network offers global members access to valuable material such as online courses, webinars, or guides (unique to your organization’s work). This is a chance to show that Palestine has a lot to offer!

– Update Members Regularly

Keep your supporters engaged and in the know about your journey. Share your progress with them regularly using multimedia to showcase your impactful work. 


What is BuildPalestine's Global Membership Network?

The BuildPalestine membership network is a network of individual supporters from around the world who are committed to making social impact in Palestine. Learn more here.