Create jobs for talented women in Gaza

This Campaign ended on 14-08-2019

Campaign by: Yadaiha Project   

Campaign Summary

This campaign aimed to sell unique and modern Handmade Palestinian embroideries like earrings, necklaces, and scarves produced by refugee women of Gaza internationally.

Our Story 

Yadaiha’s inspiration comes from Abeer, a refugee, and a woman with a dream unmet. Abeer suffered from a severe neurological disease that hindered her ability to control her limbs. The current Yadaiha team, who were only volunteers at the time, was very invested in Abeer’s case. Abeer had a magnificent talent in handicraft work, specifically embroidery. From this struggle and this talent, Yadaiha was born as a project to help Abeer cover the costs of her treatment. Abeer was with us when we initiated our project, but no longer is. She passed away, and her ideas and passion were passed on to us. They were the beginning of a project and a movement for empowerment.

What makes our products unique and innovative?

This is why we created “The Mountain”. The Mountain is a business incubator and a design thinking hub in the middle of the nature for young Palestinians, change Makers and Human Rights Defenders to strengthen their sense of identity and define their place within themselves, their society and the world so that they feel empowered to take action for social change and develop their own business and social projects. When individuals leave the Mountain, they will have the tools necessary to inspire others and to create innovation and change in their communities.
Since we are in the middle of nature where we have no access to water or electricity, and since we have to buy water monthly which is so expensive, not sustainable and hard to get, we thought that it will be a great chance to build a Well, which is a priority and the most important thing that we need urgently to sustain the Mountain Project, support the surrounding farms and to go green. 

About Yadaiha Project

Yadaiha is a social enterprise, that creates jobs, empowers and financially supports the refugee women of Gaza by granting them a space to deliver their talents through producing and selling unique and modern Handmade Palestinian embroideries internationally. 

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