BuildPalestine 2022 SUMMIT SPEAKER

Reem Elkhaldi

Attorney and Founder of Healing our Homeland, Healing our Homeland


Reem Elkhaldi's Bio

Reem is a Palestinian Muslim, mother, lawyer, writer, and advocate of justice for all. In 1948, Reem’s family, from Karatiya and Bir Al Sab, became refugees living in Gaza. Reem was born and lives in diaspora. She graduated from the University of Central Florida (UCF) with a B.A. in Interpersonal/Organizational Communication. She graduated with her Judicial Doctorate degree from Barry University. Among her experience, she served as an Assistant State Attorney in Orlando with a focus on prosecuting sex crimes, domestic violence, and crimes against children. In 2017 she joined the Office of Institutional Equity at UCF as a Title IX Investigator. These days, Reem spends her time in nature, nurturing her children, practicing yoga, writing her memoir, and investing in Healing our Homeland.