BuildPalestine 2021 SUMMIT SPEAKER

Shurouq Qawariq

Fintech Business Specialist, GIZ


Shurouq Qawariq's Bio

Shurouq Qawariq has been involved in regional research about financial technology, civic spaces and financial economics since 2016. Shurouq is the founder of Rumman, a platform that allows you to save and invest small amounts of money into a professionally managed portfolio. Shurouq has been involved with two startups prior to Rumman. In 2014, she cofounded, a music platform that empowers independent artists in distribution and discovery. In 2013, she joined PinchPoint, Palestine’s first gaming studio. Shurouq holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Humanities from Earlham College, Indiana, an MBA, and an MSc. in Finance from Queen Mary University of London. Shurouq now holds the position of Fintech Business Specialist at Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

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