Last Update: April 3, 2024

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The ongoing genocide in Gaza has caused catastrophic levels of suffering for human life, critical infrastructure, and the environment. While this time is marked by immense pain, it has also galvanized a global community to take action in support of Palestinians. 

At BuildPalestine, we are committed to being a steward of global solidarity for Palestine in ways that affirm Palestinian self-determination, agency, and liberation. We believe that genuine impact in Palestine – whether it’s emergency humanitarian aid or investments in education and the economy – is best achieved through direct action, cooperation, mutual understanding, and solidarity, outside of unjust systems of power. 

We run an interactive membership platform called Under the Olive Tree which is a hub for supporters of Palestine to share and plug into initiatives that uplift and advance Palestinian progress. Join us here.

We also acknowledge the danger of depoliticizing aid for Palestinians and encourage people to follow organizations advocating for Palestine and countering harmful propaganda and misinformation in the mainstream media. Our recent blog post lists these groups: “Organizations Working to Dismantle the Occupation and Shift the Narrative“

Our intention with this list is to encourage supporters of Palestine to think differently about how we support aid and development in Palestine by prioritizing mutual aid, social innovators, and local organizations. That being said, there are also international organizations whose work is driven by the voices and perspectives of local communities, and we have included some of them here. We hope that this list offers a diversity of opportunities to materially support Palestine in a time of immense need, while shaping a long-term perspective on how to make a genuine and lasting impact in Palestine. 

Mutual Aid Funds

At a time when infrastructure is severely damaged and foreign aid is scarcely making it into Gaza, mutual aid is effective in delivering immediate aid. People in Gaza are asking us to support mutual aid networks, beyond traditional nonprofits. 

We also want to acknowledge the overwhelming amount of GoFundMes circulating for the exorbitant fees charged by Cairo-based Hala Company for Gazans to evacuate to safety (currently $5,000 for adults and $2,500 for children). We encourage you to support such funds through your trusted networks in solidarity. You can also sign up to champion a trusted individual’s GoFundMe by joining a network of global volunteers who are using their online and offline platforms to fundraise for a family in Gaza. Register your interest here

Here are mutual aid networks that are actively supporting people on the ground at this time and have been shared with BuildPalestine through trusted colleagues.   

Gaza Emergency Fund

Unity for Gaza: Mutual Aid & Resilient Livelihoods

Urgent support for medical professionals in Gaza

Healing Our Homeland


Social Innovators 

BuildPalestine’s on-the-ground work in Palestine supports social enterprises that make environmental and social impact. Here is one BuildPalestine alumni that is actively working to make an impact in Gaza at this time.


Hakini is a Palestinian social enterprise that provides mental health services in Palestine and around the world and is a BuildPalestine fellow whom we have been working with for three years. The team at Hakini has set up an emergency hotline to provide psychological first aid for the people of Gaza, and operates through a network of local health care providers to support the psychological needs of people on the ground, with an emphasis on collective healing. In partnership with BuildPalestine, Hakini is running a crowdfunding campaign to continue this work. Learn more about their plans and donate here.

Local Organizations

Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS)

The PRCS, a part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, is one of the largest healthcare service providers in Palestine. They’ve been working tirelessly to support the affected Palestinian population in Gaza during this catastrophic time.

To donate to the Palestine Red Crescent Society, click here.

The Culture & Free Thought Association 

CFTA is one of the largest and most active networks in the Gaza Strip, continuing to support displaced people in Rafah with medical services, as well as education and entertainment for children. Support them here

Sunbula, a charitable organization based in Jerusalem, has initiated an urgent campaign to provide support to its two Gaza-based partners, Atfaluna and Sulafa, groups that provide income generation opportunities and critical services to hundreds of marginalized people, including women, refugees, and persons with hearing disabilities. You can contribute to their Global Giving campaign by clicking here.

Dalia Association

Dalia is presently directing all resources and donations received from the Gaza Fund to provide support to the people of Gaza with immediate needs. They are actively engaged in offering assistance to Gaza workers who are stuck in the West Bank. For those interested in contributing, the donation link can be found here.


Taawon launched the “Gaza Under Attack” campaign to support Palestinians in Gaza with immediate assistance and hot meals where possible. Donate now.

International Organizations 

The Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA)

MECA works in partnership with local organizations to protect the rights and improve the lives of children in the Middle East through aid, empowerment, and education. Donate to their Palestine Emergency campaign here.

Medical Aid for Palestine (MAP)

MAP’s local partners are providing much-needed medical aid during this time. Support their efforts here.

American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)

AFSC works to bring together people of all faiths and backgrounds to challenge injustice and build peace around the globe. In addition to taking a clear stance and calling for a ceasefire, they are delivering on the-ground-aid. Donate here.

United Palestinian Appeal (UPA)

Established in 1978 by Palestinian-American professionals, UPA works with local partners to deliver aid. The Emergency Relief Fund is partnered with Al Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem. Donate here. 


ANERA has been effective in running soup kitchens and delivering hot meals to people in Gaza during this crisis. Donate here. 

Calling for a permanent ceasefire is just as vital as supporting organizations making an immediate impact in Gaza. Our voices matter. Our hope matters. Yalla, we need you.

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