Funding Opportunities and Resources

Everything available to support local changemakers & their initiatives

Ready to take your idea to the next level? Here are a list of resources to help! 

Funding & Grants

Ready to start raising funds for your venture? We have put together a mapping of funding sources available to support Palestinian changemakers.

Learning Opportunities

Learning is a lifelong journey. Here are some of our favorite incubators, accelerators, classes & workshops to help you develop your initiative. 


Working to solve a specific problem? Competitions, crowdsolving events and hackathons are a great way to develop your idea while building a network.

Funding & Grants

Global Fund for Women

Applications due: Ongoing

Global Fund for Women supports daring and energetic gender justice movements around the world. Targeting grassroots, feminist and women-led initiatives eagerly working and making change in their local and global community.

Funding categories are: general support grants, travel and event organizing grants, and crisis grants.

Read more here

Men and Women for Gender Equality Project

Applications due: December 31 2020

This project aims to eliminate violence and gender inequality in our society through granting emerging community-based organizations.  The project focuses on engaging men and boys in the process of achieving this goal. It also highlights the importance enhancing the role of parenting and participation in domestic work in ending major obstacles such as violence against women and early marriages.

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BuildPalestine Crowdfunding Campaigns

Applications due: Ongoing

Explore running a crowdfunding campaign with BuildPalestine here. We look for innovative, sustainable projects that have social impact on the community. Apply here.

Check out our ongoing and past campaigns. 

United Palestinian Appeal

Applications due: Ongoing

UPA offers quarterly and annual grants. All applicants must first pre-qualify.

For Quarterly Grants, the focus of the proposed project should address one of the following UPA priorities: Children’s Fund, Agriculture, Arts and Culture, and Primary Care Clinics. Organizations may submit one Grant proposal per quarter.

For Annual Grants, the proposed project should align with UPA’s mission to alleviate the suffering of Palestinians and to contribute to the long-term socioeconomic and cultural development of Palestinian society.

Bank of Palestine CSR

Applications due: Ongoing

Bank of Palestine (BOP) dedicates 5% of its annual net profit to support developmental projects and socially responsible activities. BOP has made substantial contributions towards the development of various sectors including: education, youth and innovation, sports, health and environment, culture and art, development, economic and Diaspora affairs, humanitarian efforts and women empowerment.

Palestine for Development Foundation- CSR

Applications due: Ongoing

Palestine for Development Foundation (PsDF) is a National non for profit Organization (Company), founded by Palestine Investment Fund (PIF) in 2014 as its CSR arm.

PsDF aims to invest in human capital, by adopting relevant strategic goals to strengthen people’s skills and capacities and support them to fully participate in employment and social life, which will eventually generate a self-reliant Palestinian economy and entrepreneurship culture that are able to create and develop innovative, competitive and creative Palestinian communities.

Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP)

Applications due: Ongoing

The Representative office of Japan to Palestine offers financial aid particularly for development projects initiated by local communities in order to meet a diversity of basic human needs at the grassroots level. 

Learn more and apply here


Learning Opportunities

“Know How to…in a Crisis”, e-learning program for MSMEs facing the economic impact of Coronavirus pandemic.

Application due: December 31, 2020

This portal by EBRD offers entrepreneurs of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises free access to business advice, training and tools on crisis management and finances. Online classes are available in Arabic, English, Turkish, Russian, and Ukrainian.

You can join up now through this link

BuildPalestine Social Innovation Bootcamp

Applications for round 2 currently closed

The Social Innovation Bootcamp takes a human-centered approach and leverages design thinking to guide social entrepreneurs through the stages of ‘inspiration, ideation, and iteration’ focused on the pre-incubation stage.  BuildPalestine’s role is to empower individuals to design thoughtful and impactful interventions for their communities.

Competitions & Challenges

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